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Raga Bolo: Bloemfontein Show Off Their Skills!

Smirnoff Raga Bolo

By Soccer Laduma - Apr 21, 2017 10:25 AM

The Smirnoff Raga Bolo Street Championship District League encounters take place this Saturday, April 22.

Check out the fixture list below for the matches in Bloemfontein:

Mindi Tavern vs Village Cellars

Tshidi Tavern vs Ria Stars Tavern

Zitho’s Munch Restaurant vs Regent Tavern

Tabole’s Tavern vs Levi’s Tavern

Sehlono Inn vs Nyathe’s Tavern

Makaota Tavern vs Matselane

Regent Tavern vs Village Cellars

Ria Stars Tavern vs Zitho’s Munch Tavern

Zitho’s Munch Tavern vs Mindi Tavern

Regent Tavern vs Ria Stars Tavern

Tshidi Tavern vs Village Cellars

Makaota Tavern vs Tabole’s Tavern

Matselane vs Nyathe’s Place

Sehlono Inn vs Levi’s Tavern

Mindi Tavern vs Tshidi’s Tavern

Matselane vs Levi’s Tavern

Ria Stars Tavern vs Mindi Tavern

Zitho’s Munch Restaurant vs Village Cellars

Regent Tavern vs Tshidi’s Tavern

Nyathe’s Place vs Tabole’s Tavern

Makaote Tavern vs Levi’s Tavern

Matselane vs Sehlono Inn

Nyathe’s Place vs Makaote Tavern

Tabole’s Tavern vs Sehlono Inn



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