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RADIO: Tackling Hooliganism & PSL Battles Going Down To The Wire

Weekend Special Ep 27 - Tackling Hooliganism & PSL Battles Going Down To The Wire

By Soccer Laduma - May 03, 2018 07:09 AM

In this week's episode of the Weekend Special, we discuss the issue of hooliganism in South African football and hear your voicenotes on what needs to be done to stop the problem. We also go over the penultimate round of PSL fixtures with both the title race and relegation battle still alive and well.

Listen to the full show in the player above.

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You cant smoke at petrol garage and expect fuel not to catch fire.Chiefs's crises lasted for too long.Fans tried to voice out their concerns,frustrations and possible remedy to the situation but Bobby could not listen.There should have been a detailed explanation by management to the fans on why team's standard has been so poor for the past three seasons.Why team did not do damage control after two years?If there are hooligans,its only 1,thats Bobby Motaung.

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