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12 days ago in FanParkUpdate

Mr Moloto commented on "Is This Zwane’s New Ride? "

Mr Moloto:

Nice one boy but lets hope you have investments for rainy days.

17 days ago in News

Mr Moloto commented on "Goalkeeper Coach In Club Search After Chippa United Exit "

Mr Moloto:

May God forgive Chippa Mpengesi because he does'nt know what he is doing

18 days ago in Match

Mr Moloto commented on "Uruguay vs. Portugal - World Cup (Sat, 30 Jun, 20:00)"

Mr Moloto:

Cavani's left footed strike is out of this world it is called (swilo swa manyunyu, swilo swako bo bo brrrree) beauty.

18 days ago in News

Mr Moloto commented on "Sundowns Release Foreign Defender"

Mr Moloto:

Pitso is using foreing players to develop local young stars unfortunaly he throw them away after that look at what he did to fares hachi to accommodate madisha ,castro to accommodate tau, zakri to accommodate vilakazi etc.

18 days ago in Match

Mr Moloto commented on "France vs. Argentina - World Cup (Sat, 30 Jun, 16:00)"

Mr Moloto:

I've said this before and im saying it again Messi is an average player like Griezmann & lsco there is nothing special about him i mean lets be honest guys Maradona was better than Messi even Fifa recognize the best player in the world by archivements so my question is what has Messi done to his country? Exactly nothing so if this guy can only perform better at Barcelona then clearly Barcelona play better as a team not because of him the best player plays well wherever he goes like Ronaldo he does with Madrid, Portugal and did it with Man Utd.

19 days ago in News

Mr Moloto commented on "Bidvest Wits Are Still Looking To Add To Their Squad"

Mr Moloto:

Don't make noise i won't hurt you. Follow me. Alexos Mathon

20 days ago in Match

Mr Moloto commented on "Senegal vs. Colombia - World Cup (Thu, 28 Jun, 16:00)"

Mr Moloto:

Fifa must ban african teams from world cup for underperforming the african football federations should all be rebuild from cape to cairo we have no administrations here in africa the FA presidents are corrupt, greedy, selfish and knows nothing about football our preparations for the world cup are poor facilities, poor management players are not getting paid in time sometimes receives half salaries and there is no patience for coaches we xpect good results without foundations and balances we don't believe in giving our local coaches chance and time to build the team we are jealous of our very own local coaches we must just play AFCON and forget about WORLD CUP until we fix ourselves if we ever do.

20 days ago in News

Mr Moloto commented on "Marcos Rojo Reveals What Lionel Messi Told Argentina Teammates At Half-time"

Mr Moloto:

That is leadership skills

20 days ago in News

Mr Moloto commented on "Egyptian Striker Believed To Have Been Offered To Kaizer Chiefs "

Mr Moloto:

What a good player with football brains xcellent finisher i think they chiefs should sign him even though there is no coach to asses him.

21 days ago in Match

Mr Moloto commented on "Korea Republic vs. Germany - World Cup (Wed, 27 Jun, 16:00)"

Mr Moloto:

i saw this coming this is what happens when a coach uses favouritism over quality this low guy was too confident and thought he is got the whole world in his hands leaving Gotze, Sane and Shurrle was bad idea these guys are seasoned players now is just a matter of time before he lose his job



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