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about 1 year ago in ExpressYourself Comments

BhakaTM mentioned mayanga in: Enter The Ghost Show Live from Newlands West...


@Mayanga good morning...Yes the show goes on...Good line up there juju...Problem is Morrison last played wen we played EC Bees if im nt mistaken which was a lifetime ago...i doubt if he will be in Durban tomorrow let alone in the match day fact i suggest he is on his way out!!!Wome has a point to prove against his semi-employers...One of our better loanees in recent tyms but its time to step up...its time to show Dr Khoza why he mst extend his stay here...As highlightrd last nyt....KING Gabu is the popular choice...I can also say he might score the winner...

over 1 year ago in ExpressYourself Comments

SIR AfRoZiLLa mentioned mayanga in: Ctc vs Pirates match possibly , game of the season!!!


Hahaha I am happy that you guys are atleast celebrating something. @2-1 I saw tears and the likes of @Mayanga were saying not again. Palacios was breathing heavily on the bench. ... Then came that Noorden stunner, I am happy that at Pirates fans now celebrate games and draws of the season. It was like a win to us said some Pirates fans... Manyama "We felt like we lost"... Hmmmm but as long as Pirates fans are happy with their scrappy defense that got off a number of times I'll patiently wait for thier next game. ✌

over 1 year ago in ExpressYourself Comments

SIR AfRoZiLLa mentioned mayanga in: Crop of bloggers and quality of blogging on EY is rather shameful


I like how that sarcastic statement by @Soccow Comments has taken a lot of Illiterates to the cleaners. @Mayanga you have proven your lack of understanding many times and its very disappointing sir I have to say. @Qhaf-Qhaf bootyshaker is assured that I am caught with my pants down. with another rent a blogger @Ganda-Ganda who fail to understand the use of the queen's language.

about 2 years ago in ExpressYourself Comments

Eek~a~mouse mentioned mayanga in: ANALYSIS of the Saturday game (Kaizer Chiefs 2-0 Pirates)


@mayanga said it all this things are easily deceived!

over 2 years ago in Comments

Nkakhazo mentioned mayanga in: IF RUDI CROL DID IT WHY NOT BAXTUR!!

over 2 years ago in Comments

ß®¹ª¬ ¹n¹³Š†ª ЪKµŠ³ mentioned mayanga in: The difference between Kaizer Chiefs And Pirates

over 2 years ago in Comments



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