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25 days ago in News

old dog commented on "The PSL Has Ruled In Tendai Ndoro Matter "

old dog:

Does this decision automatically mean safa n PSL are not under FIFA or maybe we're just a Mickey mouse league or a banana republic?

26 days ago in News

old dog commented on "Bafana Bafana Starting XI v Zambia"

old dog:

@jerseynumber8 if a central defender who stands at 1.89m tall is labelled too short then maybe there's something wrong with you coz even Ramos who is rated one of the best defenders in the world is not that tall. I believe he's about 1.84m. So I think you got your facts wrong or you don't know hlatshwayo or maybe you dont know what you're talking about. Get your facts straight chief

about 1 month ago in FanParkUpdate

old dog commented on "Orlando Pirates Host Iconic US Sportsman"

old dog:

So theres still a lot of idiots who don't know that wwe matches are just for entertainment nothing is real there n all the results are already known. Its just acting n every superstar has a role to play.

about 1 month ago in Match

old dog commented on "Legan├ęs vs. Real Madrid - Spanish La Liga (Wed, 21 Feb, 18:45)"

old dog:

Y is everyone worried on how Madrid plays without Cr7? I mean who worries when barca plays without messi? Haters can sometimes run out of constructive comments. Right now haters sound like they support Madrid without Cr7 while the truth is that they're scared n jealous of the man(Cr7) since hes messis rival. If you're a barca fan please stay out of our business (real Madrid) n we'll do likewise coz as it stands now barca fans are the ones who seem like Madrid fans just coz the king didn't play. We don't need your biased opinions guys, we're good

2 months ago in News

old dog commented on "Jose Mourinho Clarifies Paul Pogba's Role"

old dog:

Pogba is not a box to box, he's more of a central attacking midfielder that's y he played well at Juventus coz he had pirlo n Vidal behind him. A box to box is someone like Vidal, yaya toure, hlompho kekana(locally).

2 months ago in News

old dog commented on "Micho: You Can't Promise Anything In Football"

old dog:

Thanks to the technical team for the hardwork they're putting in since their arrival. I see a lot of improvement. We're playing the best football in the country now. As for yesterday's game I'm one of those who didn't believe in our boys after seeing so many changes in our lineup but they proved me wrong. I was impressed with sarr,mlambo,shonga n jele. Even though Morrison scored a brace I think he still can offers us more if only he shares the ball more to his teammates. Loved the goal celebration even more

2 months ago in Match

old dog commented on "Orlando Pirates vs. Ajax Cape Town - Nedbank Cup (Sat, 10 Feb, 20:15)"

old dog:

Tonight we don't give a profanity about ndoro n zakri, its about time we moer these clowns



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