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SLTV: Tec4 Tekkers Coaching Series - Episode 1: Inside Touches

Dec 3, 2019 - 11:59 am
By Soccer Laduma

SLTV together with Tec4Tekkers brings you a tailor-made football program, designed by Crystal Palace FA Cup win and Tec4Tekkers founder, Gwynne Berry.

The belief that players are born with talent is something that is done away with in this program.

Instead, Berry genuinely believes that the potential of a future footballer, through understanding the fundamentals and playing with drive and determination, can be fully realized through the Tech4 philosophy.

In this episode, Gwynne teaches us the basic skills every aspiring footballer should have, the inside step.

On this journey with the former pro, you will be taught a variety of key basic skills, to improve your football ability or that of your team.



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