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SLTV: Get Yourself Psyched Up!

Apr 6, 2020 - 09:19 am
By Soccer Laduma

Being a professional athlete isn’t just about your physical fitness and conditioning. To perform at your peak consistently, you also must be self-assured and stable mentally.

In this episode of Clinton Gahwiler’s lessons, the head Psychologist of the Sports Science Institute Of South Africa shares one disturbing pattern he noticed when he traveled with the SA team in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and why it is a mental exercise that must be adopted by all athletes.

The Newlands-based psychologist also shares two incredibly important tips on how to strengthen mental toughness on and off the field.

During this insightful lesson, Gahwiler also says…

  • "One of the key factors…"
  • "Effective self-management…"
  • "It’s time that we specifically talk a little more…"
  • "Doesn’t matter whether you’re winning or losing…"
  • "These are the people who get sent off in the first five minutes…"

Stay tuned to SLTV for more fruitful mental advice.


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