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SLTV: What Hampers Matchday Performances?

Apr 14, 2020 - 04:15 pm
By Soccer Laduma

As important as pre-match preparation is to performance, one must also consider the importance of post-match meetings and how that can also have a major impact on your physical and mental state.

Clinton Gahwiler, SISSA’s head sports psychologist, believes a mistake athletes make that hampers their performance, is their emotional reaction after the final result of a match or tournament.

Debriefing after a match day is vital both individually and in a team setting, to ensure that your emotional state stays at an even standing.

As the Cape Town-based psychologist gave five steps to conducting a full post-match or debrief session, he also included…  

  • "It’s a time that’s often ignored…"
  • "The most common mistake people make is…"
  • "On the tactical level…"
  • "It’s important to acknowledge that…"
  • "It’s very important to make a distinction…"

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