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SLTV: The Lockdown Mental Crisis

Apr 13, 2020 - 12:00 pm
By Soccer Laduma

Although the devastating Coronavirus pandemic has taken the lives of 109,311 people according to British publication, The Guardian, the psychological impact of the virus could have negative long-term effects.

Head Psychologist of the Sports Science Institute Of South Africa, Clinton Gahwiler, says that with the temporary isolation due to the lockdown, athletes may feel that their chance to compete in the Olympic Games or in other tournaments are at an end and that their hard work has come to nothing.

Although this may be true, the Newlands-based psychologist believes we need to exercise patience in the face of anxiety and allow athletes to open up about their struggles and share them in safe spaces.

During this plea to adapt and push through this period, Mr. Gahwiler also said…

  • "We need to flow a little bit…"
  • "At the core of us, we are essentially frail human beings…"
  • "An illusion of toughness…"
  • "The most important point is to recognize…"

To contact Mr. Gahwiler for more on his lessons, get in touch with him via email:


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