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Default The giant killer
May 18, 2017 10:41 PM

In 5 years to come we wont have so called big 3 teams it will be big 6 including Wits, CT City and SSU.

In the past seven years psl was dominated by big three teams wich is chiefs, pirates and sundows wits made history by winning the league for the first time since they were promoted in 1976. In 5 years to come we won't have big 3 coz nower days psl had changed each and every team it's competing to win if you look the at the likes of cape town city, supersport and wits are all contenders for each and every cup that is available. Our football needs people who are commited to the game people such as Mr John Commitis what i liked about him is that by the time he formed cape town city he sad i am here to compete not to add numbers wich is true his team is competing against the best teams. I wich those teams who were promoted to psl next season could learn alot from the Citizens.

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