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Doc Predicts The World Cup Winner Between France & Croatia!


By Soccer Laduma - Jul 14, 2018 09:19 AM

On Sunday France and Croatia will battle it out for the most coveted trophy in world football, the 2018 FIFA World Cup!

However, the third-place play-off between Belgium and England will be played on Saturday, July 14. It will be an interesting encounter as the Three Lions hold a good record against their opponents. They have defeated the Red Devils 15 times out of their 21 meetings, though Belgium did defeat the English during the group stages of this year’s World Cup.

On Sunday, the spotlight will be on the finalists, France and Croatia. It is a bit of an unexpected final match as Croatia have battled their way to their first ever world cup final.

The French have reached the final in spectacular style, with 19-year-old Kylian Mbappe setting the stage alight. However, the Croatian team have the experience and with Luka Modric conducting the tempo, they will be aiming for glory!

As the World Cup has reached the finishing line, here’s Khumalo’s predictions for the final two matches:


Belgium v England

Doc: Belgium win


France v Croatia

Doc: Croatia win


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MfanoYellow Joined: 16 Apr 2018
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MfanoYellow Jul 16, 2018 01:01 PM
The doc got it wrong.
lmbuyeleni Joined: 30 Jul 2017
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lmbuyeleni Jul 15, 2018 05:26 PM
Team work in Croatia makes them Winners.
blackmeteor Joined: 15 Nov 2017
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blackmeteor Jul 15, 2018 01:23 PM
Can go both ways.......This will be a great game for neutrals....I go with France for sentimental reasons.
PtWalekhosi Joined: 25 Jun 2013
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PtWalekhosi Jul 14, 2018 01:35 PM
I don't see Belgium doing a double on the English. The final stage will be too big for Crotia to handle. Mbappe will taste WC gold.
Razzmelodist Joined: 29 May 2018
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Razzmelodist Jul 14, 2018 11:52 AM
The game will end 1-1 than Croatia will win penalties kick outs
monde downs ntete Joined: 26 Jun 2018
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monde downs ntete Jul 14, 2018 07:22 AM
Sorry Doc, Belgium and France will take their games
mkkokoma Joined: 18 Oct 2017
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mkkokoma Jul 13, 2018 05:02 PM
Doc your wrong i'm going with France
THE NK Joined: 28 Dec 2016
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THE NK Jul 13, 2018 04:10 PM
I'm going with the African boys France. And on third position i go with Belgium.
Tjaksman Joined: 13 Jul 2018
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Tjaksman Jul 13, 2018 03:24 PM
Doc is going to get this wrong, FRANCE will win
Diski-nine-nine! Joined: 10 Nov 2014
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Diski-nine-nine! Jul 13, 2018 03:02 PM
Yes i agree! Mudokisi has just predicted what i would have and he equally sent my sentiments across, as well.
Sanchez Alexis Joined: 29 Dec 2015
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Sanchez Alexis Jul 13, 2018 02:55 PM
Editor don't you think we get tired of this Doc thing of yours? Are there no other legends to interview except this bachelor? We have real men here in Mzansi so spare us boredom, yes he was a zebra like you but too much of a thing is boring, grow up maan.
mbixane Joined: 04 Dec 2014
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mbixane Jul 13, 2018 02:43 PM
France to win this one

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