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Doc: It’s Something That’s Very New To Us As South Africans


By Soccer Laduma - Jun 22, 2018 12:00 PM

During this year’s FIFA World Cup matches, there has been a new system that has been brought in to assist referees in making correct decisions on the field.

SportPesa ambassador, Doctor Khumalo, shares his thoughts on bringing the VAR system into this year’s showpiece. 

“It’s something that’s very new to us as South Africans. In my opinion, it comes in handy when the referee has missed a certain tackle that deserves a booking. But it seems that there are certain referees that forget that there is that kind of a system in the World Cup because there are certain incidents that have been missed. For example, in the Argentina v Iceland game, I thought the referee should have given a penalty for Argentina again.  

“You must understand that the VAR panel cannot stop the game and tell the referee, “You’ve missed this one.” It works the other way round – the referee is the one that has to call for a VAR review. But this is the thinking that has been out there, with some saying the Ronaldo penalty was too soft and that the referee should have referred to the VAR.”  

The Bafana Bafana legend also makes his predictions on the upcoming encounters in this week’s column.

To read the full story, get yourself a copy of this week’s edition of Soccer Laduma, issue 1078 and check out Doc’s column brought you by SportPesa!  

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