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FC Kapstadt Condemns The Lease To City For Hartleyvale

FC Kapstadt Are Not Giving In To Cape Town City Over Hartleyvale

By Soccer Laduma - Mar 19, 2018 02:00 PM

FC Kapstadt president, Zaid Omar has expressed his disappointment in the City of Cape Town's issuing of a lease agreement to Cape Town City for the Hartleyvale Stadium. 

The Citizens have received a 3-year-lease from the City of Cape Town, where they will occupy the Hartleyvale Stadium and two fields – A Field and Malta Park B Field. 

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However, Hartleyvale’s existing owners, Kapstadt FC, condemn the lease, saying that they will not give up their rights to the grounds. 

“FC Kapstadt will not give up its rights to Hartleyvale A field and remains defiant in using Hartleyvale A field for training and matches. FC Kapstadt can confirm that the City of Cape Town has colluded with Cape Town City Sporting PTY LTD Chairman, John Comitis in a corrupt manner in their planning towards the application process and issuing of a lease agreement for Hartleyvale A field and Malta Park B field,” Omar said in a press release.

“In 2018, the City of Cape Town issued a 3-year lease to Cape Town City PTY LTD for Hartleyvale Stadium A field and Malta Park B field, ignoring the rights of FC Kapstadt, rule of law and our existing expectations and showed no good faith in negotiations to settle the matter.

"In issuing a lease to CT City FC, the City of Cape Town ignored it’s own COCT Sports Facility Policy Framework by providing sports facilities for amateur local sports clubs. The COCT Sports Policy Framework does not accommodate/include providing facilities for Professional Commercial Sports clubs with a national footprint. Cape Town shows no respect in the interest of the existing users,” he added. 

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"To date, upon the instruction of the Mayor, the COCT has now offered FC Kapstadt, a 2 year and 11 month lease for Hartleyvale D field and clubhouse and have acknowledged our request to review the lease issued to Cape Town City for Hartleyvale A field. 

FC Kapstadt is presently struggling to accommodate all it’s clubs members and club team for training and matches on one field. Cape Town City FC has denied FC Kapstadt access to Hartleyvale A field through its private security at Hartleyvale A field, whilst the City of Cape Town ignores our rights. However, FC Kapstadt will not give up it’s right to Hartleyvale A field and will be defiant in it’s use of Hartleyvale A field. 

"…Even though the COCT will review the lease process, FC Kapstadt has no trust and faith in the process unless it’s done independently. FC Kapstadt has reserved its rights and will serve the Cape High Court to seek relief to this matter. The City of Cape Town thinks we bluffing, but the future shall reveal all,” the rest of Omar’s statement said in part.   


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