Komphela: South Africans Are Not A Patient Nation

Steve Komphela Has Highlighted How Impatient South Africans Are

By Soccer Laduma - Apr 19, 2018 01:53 PM

Kaizer Chiefs head coach Steve Komphela went on to explain how one needs time to see success.

The 50-year-old is yet to win a piece of domestic silverware since joining up with Amakhosi, however, with his contract coming to an end on June 30, this year, it seems that there could not be any time given for him try and salvage success at the club.

However, Chiefs still have the Nedbank Cup up for grabs and are set to battle it out this weekend for a spot in the final of the competition. 

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Speaking to the media, Komphela gave an in-depth explanation about how in order to see success, things need to take time.

“South Africans are not a patient nation, I don’t know whether I don’t know the whole world is in a culture… everything is instant, instant gratification. That’s why people don’t want to go to school. 'My man, I’m going to spend 12 years after finishing that I must do in 3 years', people say 'no, why should I go to school when I can do a tender and rich', but there is no quality in that person. The best quality is in the time and investment you make in knowledge and people don’t have that. The quality of success is in the principles where you root in the pillars strongly so,” he said. 

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“When I make an example of a bamboo tree again, they will say to me, but this guy! Five years this tree, the seed is underneath the ground for five years but in 8 months as soon as it breaks, the ground it goes 80 metres. That’s God, has (a) vision, even yourself. The process of success you don’t just, you are not born and become a man with teeth and everything and when you go through the principles of nature, it’s all about patience,” he added. 

Chiefs will do battle with Free State Stars this weekend for a place in the final of the Nedbank Cup. 



JackKhosi Joined: 20 Mar 2018
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JackKhosi Apr 20, 2018 10:57 AM
@MSANDROTIC kkkkkkk you are killing me, kid will be running with their feet and will be having teeth at three years, Kompie still wants patioence. Three years is a long time though, i mean this guy took over wen i was still a 2nd year student, I am working now and he's crying about patience. He has smoked Khoza's missing tooth. WAINYELA SAN
MrBlack wa le chochocho Joined: 01 Aug 2017
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MrBlack wa le chochocho Apr 20, 2018 10:29 AM
patience my foot
MSANDROTIC Joined: 18 Jun 2013
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MSANDROTIC Apr 20, 2018 09:35 AM
You were given a chance for three years what have you build nothing instead busy destroying talented players, you have no game approach, no combination on your build up, you're just a coach with no ideas and plans of winning a game, The khosination will rise when you left
MSANDROTIC Joined: 18 Jun 2013
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MSANDROTIC Apr 20, 2018 09:30 AM
Which patient are talking about, in three years time a child will be Running with His/her foot and he/she will have tooth in three years time so what are you trying to explain here
Mor55 Joined: 16 May 2016
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Mor55 Apr 20, 2018 09:09 AM
Steve is mad
ko mokokotlo Joined: 16 Nov 2017
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ko mokokotlo Apr 20, 2018 08:55 AM
1 - steve has no alternative game plan 2- does not have a single combination in 3 seasons 3- failed to go to the final at chiefs 4- always trying to explain 5- buying players and not fielding them in three seasons 6- telling us that we are impatient and we must be bamboo trees nb- please mr we do not want to be like trees that is why a three year degree course does not have extra time, please leave us in peace.
alizebucs1986 Joined: 30 Jun 2017
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alizebucs1986 Apr 20, 2018 08:52 AM
Which South Africans because Kompie is Crying for Patients from Mpanzees Fans...he must be given 5 more Years
llumadi Joined: 23 Apr 2015
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llumadi Apr 20, 2018 07:48 AM
Says it all Mr English man
Bhakalona4lyf Joined: 24 Jan 2018
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Bhakalona4lyf Apr 19, 2018 10:36 PM
Cow failure, azakubulala amakhosi,hamba baba wehlulekile.Learn from Tinkler.kkkkkkkkkkkk.
chaledi Joined: 22 Sep 2015
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chaledi Apr 19, 2018 08:18 PM
Stay longer at Naturena aka free agents FC so that we can continue to win more cups to cover those they won through corruption
Fikzbantwini Joined: 04 Aug 2014
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Fikzbantwini Apr 19, 2018 07:45 PM
Ya ne mr bamboo tree
Prayer@k4l Joined: 05 Nov 2017
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Prayer@k4l Apr 19, 2018 05:34 PM
Iyooo for how long wena Steve?uyadakwa
Bubbles Joined: 15 Feb 2010
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Bubbles Apr 19, 2018 04:04 PM
Patient for 3yrs at chiefs? More than 8yrs in coaching career? Many years in football? Where do you need patience? Please explain
mosekaphofu maggosim Joined: 12 Mar 2015
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mosekaphofu maggosim Apr 19, 2018 03:40 PM
We got you steve,but how much more time do u need?
mbixane Joined: 04 Dec 2014
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mbixane Apr 19, 2018 03:38 PM
Steve you can go fly my man, if you knew anything about coaching the team of Chiefs calibre you wouldn't have taken the job from the first place because wena uyisehluleki. Hamba uyoqeqesha nabo ntanga yakho ngolwazi lebhola ku-ABC Motsepe league wehlulekile wena. Ingqondo yakho ibicabanga ukuthi uzophinde unikwe another three of failure hamba uyofa. Bona izintwana ezifikayo ekuqeqesheni ibhola uFadlu Davids he is proving you weak.
no1coachkm Joined: 15 Feb 2010
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no1coachkm Apr 19, 2018 03:37 PM
And now did you have to call your own employers illiterates? Why? How did we arrive here?
Villa_ManQ Joined: 05 Sep 2017
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Villa_ManQ Apr 19, 2018 03:20 PM
we understand the pay cheque he is getting each month at chiefs no other team will be willingly to pay such undeserving coach like yourself. football is not science nor nature, results that is what matters. to be frankly straight Kompela you have failed us as a khosi-nation. your stubbornness and lack of welcoming criticism cost you your job today, you should have not replace doctor khumalo because he was giving you a healthy tough time. but nonetheless i will not miss you as a chiefs supporter
Demax13 Joined: 29 Aug 2014
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Demax13 Apr 19, 2018 03:20 PM
Editor the headline in incorrect: Kaizer Chiefs fans Are Not A Patient Nation. Leave some of us......alone toee.
setlaboswana Joined: 20 Mar 2012
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setlaboswana Apr 19, 2018 03:17 PM
@maja28, it is unnecessary to use vulgar language.
tshavhuyo humbulani Joined: 29 Dec 2015
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tshavhuyo humbulani Apr 19, 2018 03:17 PM
Ure lying my frind,baxter plowgh a seed in 1 season and he reap same season,you and trophies arent frnds,you belong to small team unlike big 3,suppoters cant go to stadiam paying their money to be patient,our money demands good results as of our expectation

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