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Jordaan's Lawyers Respond To Rape Allegations

Lawyers Respond To Danny Jordaan’s Rape Allegations

By Soccer Laduma - Apr 18, 2018 06:16 PM

Danny Jordaan’s lawyers have responded to the rape allegations levelled against the experienced football administrator and soccer boss.

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It has been reported that the president of the South African Football Association allegedly raped former ANC MP Jennifer Ferguson, who is also a singer, in a hotel room more than 20 years ago. 

Jordaan’s lawyers have issued a statement rubbishing the allegations against the soccer boss, while also insisting that he is innocent.

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Re: Statement on behalf of Danny Jordaan

It is almost a month since we learnt in a press report that Jennifer Ferguson has laid a complaint against Dr Danny Jordaan about an alleged incident more than 20 years.

Despite numerous attempts to contact authorities including two letters directed to the South African Police Service, we have been unable to determine any information about the whereabouts of the docket. The lack of information is damaging to our client. As Dr Jordaan’s attorneys, we have attempted to engage the SAPS and the investigating officer in this matter and will soon contact the National Prosecuting Authority in an attempt to have the matter dealt with as soon as reasonably possible. We reiterate that Ms Ferguson’s allegations are absolutely unfounded and untrue and that her true motives are deeply suspect.


Mohlala Attorneys 


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Any rapist belong to jail and who s this cn walk free while the world knw him as a rapist?
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Ace Ncobo's smear campaign is in full effect
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There is no need to respond, the case cannot receive special treatment because it involves Jordan.

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