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The Future Is Yours With PUMA


By Soccer Laduma - Mar 18, 2018 08:01 AM

There are players on the planet who can change a game. Then there are players that invent new ways to play it, creating unbelievable moments that turn the game on its head forever.

The FUTURE is made for those players that change the game in an instant, those that play with instinct, and invent play on the pitch pushing the game to New Levels. 

That’s why PUMA designed a boot that allows for complete individuality in both fit and style.

FUTURE is the first football boot with a truly customizable fit. NETFIT technology allows the wearer to lace their boots any way they want in order to fit perfectly, no matter the foot shape or lock-down need.  

For more info on the PUMA FUTURE BOOT click here 


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