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SLTV: Marshmallow Emotions During Lockdown

Apr 20, 2020 - 08:52 am
By Soccer Laduma

As the 21-day lockdown extension continues, many of us may feel frustrated and desperate to travel or just leave the house.

Could there be a reason why the people who have been arrested for breaking rules did so? Is it wise to always act on your emotions and is your reaction to something that you can control?

Clinton Gahwiler believes so, giving an example of a marshmallow test that was done in the 1960s on young children.

Find out why this tasty treat has had a huge impact on studying how people behave and perform as citizens or athletes.

During this lockdown lesson, Mr. Gahwiler also said…

"How these children distracted themselves…"

"I stay focused on the same thing…"

"If you’re playing in a World Cup Final compared to a local friendly…"

"If you are mentally tough…"

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