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Soccer-Laduma Edition 826

A common African football disease reared its ugly head yet again when Nigerian team held its own Federation ransom over bonuses thus forcing them to travel to Brazil at eleventh hour.It means the team won't have enough time for preparations or acclimatise to local conditions.The burning question is why this kind of behaviour only resurface on the eve of major tournaments?And here at home i do not see Bafana qualifying for World Cup in near future simply because we don't have quality.The only time Bafana will ever qualify is when we have the rights as host,other than that nothing.So we must fooling ourselves and be more realistic.For example,a respected nation like South Africa held to a draw by one of the lowest ranked teams Botswana?
Thebe Dibodu,Pretoria

Our dreams mite be shatterd but we all know that we used to the fact if not by hosting nation,we battle to play in competative toutnaments both Africa nations cup and world cup.We still have a long way go if we need to be a force to be reconed in both Africa and international footnball.
Derick Maremeni,Ha Mashamba

Going forward I don't think that wholesale changes need to be made to Bafana or the technical team. GI has shown his pedigree and must be kept in order to ensure continuity and growth with this current crop of players. Our focus now shifts to Morocco 2015 and Russia 2018 and in preparation for that I think Gordon should look at reinforcing our strike force by looking at our younger prospects such as kermit erasmus etc, we must plan for the future so the need to integrate youngsters like Mokotjo, Williams, Serero is very important but this current Bafana team showed a lot of promise and if we can maintain the core team then we'll definitely be a stronger unit in a couple of years time
Simzim, Amanzimtoti

Gordon shouldn't be made a scapegoat for SAFA's failures. The truth is Bafana lack quality and SAFA have failed to adequately invest in youth development, how many of our players play in strong leagues? How many of our youth teams compete in international tournaments? Gordon is only working with what he has(which isn't a lot of quality) there needs to be change at the SAFA headquarters, more attention needs to paid to our youth teams, they are a feeder to Bafana, spain and Germany are dominating world football for a reason, their youth teams compete in world cups and prestigious tournaments, Gordon must be kept but heads must definitely roll within the internal structures of SAFA
Simzim, Amanzimtoti

It takes years to build a good reputation, and only seconds to destroy it. Benni's utterance on paper could deprive all respect he earned around the globe. Whatever the precision cause led him envy Roger that much would never appraise the wreath he experienced prior. None disputes Benni's immensely achievement in football spectrum and even Mr Khoza had conveyed unambiguous eulogies on his retirement. In he's 17 years career in football Benni has achieved enormously and few our players done that. The finest striker of his generation resolutely refused to romanticize his uncanny knack, never resorting to hyperbole when it came to describing the gift that has made him extremely wealthy, the rest could learn something from Benni. Of course, is undeniable that injuries have played crucial role on his decision and wouldn't have added anything of great substance to a career that hit its zenith more than years ago. But it quickly became apparent that the advancing years were encroaching on his thoughts. Mr Clint was bit theatrical on his column about "youth development programme" because neglecting it could preserve predicament to the national team, those are apparently shining without proper soccer. foundation are lucky ones. Mr Kompela described Spain success as unfettered creativity because the country emphasis on development to groom their players. Our national team debacle is very apprehensible to be understood.
Wandile Mtana, Uitenhage

Not many players are capable of scoring two goals in one match. It’s time we let go of players like Mathoho, Khune, Yeye, Shabba and Parker. We need a strong striking force with the likes of Henyekane, Mphela and Edward Manqele. Langerman played a great game, if he wasn’t around, we could’ve lost 6-1. I blame Khune for the 1st goal against Parkerpia and ofcoz its goal scorer for the secong goal.Why did Manyisa not play?
Vuyo Simawo, Kwesika, Mhlekazi

I am Sundowns  but I was deeply hurt when some of our fans celebrating Parker own goal. our national team is not about Chiefs, Pirates or Sundowns,whoever wears the national team jersey is not representing the team he plays for but his country and our boys need our support both in good times and bad times. why do we blame bafana bafana for all their failures, if we can go to the stadiums when our squad is playing like what the Ethiopians are doing our boys will perform much better. let us not make too much noise lets go to the stadium and support our team as for Parker just be strong and do not allow negative criticisms hammer your career.
Livhuwani Mukwili

let me start by showing my anger towards our South African soccer fans who comment on Soccerladuma and Kick off  websites. I think they must be be stoped from commenting there.
Bafana Bafana played really well yesterday, the finishing did let us down. Since Gordon took over , we have seen our National Soccer team playing their best football, even away from home. I just hope he does not quit or get fired by SAFA. Lastly if these three points are docked from Ethopia then Botswana will also have a chance to qualify with hope that Ethopia loses against CAR. A win for us in the last match and A draw for Ethopia will see us qualify for the next round because of goal difference, now can't they be docked six points because they might have fielded that player against us??
Mike Msani

Its so easy for people to blame others without looking at all facts,what Parker did was just unfortunate,that could have happened to any one.fact is Pitso mosimane did the damage,which Gordon tried to fix,so to the safa clowns,you guys must keep Igesund as a coach,he failed now due to what you people already know,his the right man to keep us going..ben jebetwane

let me start by showing my anger towards our South African soccer fans who comment on Soccerladuma and Kick off  websites. I think they must be be stoped from commenting there.
Bafana Bafana played really well yesterday, the finishing did let us down. Since Gordon took over , we have seen our National Soccer team playing their best football, even away from home. I just hope he does not quit or get fired by SAFA. Lastly if these three points are docked from Ethopia then Botswana will also have a chance to qualify with hope that Ethopia loses against CAR. A win for us in the last match and A draw for Ethopia will see us qualify for the next round because of goal difference, now can't they be docked six points because they might have fielded that player against us??
Mike Msani

It was sad to see Bafana drop out of the World Cup qualification group.The boys played their hearts out to stay win but it wasn't to be.It's back to the drawing board hopefully with Gordon at the helm.There's no candidate better than him for that job at the moment.
Thulang Mariti

I can see for sure now football is really unfair sometimes you can play good football but just one mistake makes you a bad person they quickly forget the good about you,now our dreams came to an end after such a thrilling and beautiful game we played.I take off my hat for Papa G "Gordon Igesund" for bringing and intalling a future team for SA,truly the damage was done longtime by previous coach so it was lilke fixing a pipe while water is running you rather stop them before you fix the pipe says "Mr plumber"

When the draw for the wc qualifiers was made,south africans celebrated avoiding big guns of africa.Now after the game against Ethopia,the rest is history.This Bafana Chiefs team is very weak & the team selection is based on the coach's emotions rather than current form.Good players like bo-Manyana,Chapman,Jali,Ronwan Williams and Gabuza are never given a fair chance to represent the country.Gordon & his ''dream team'' are loosers.They failed in the afcon @ home & now the past wc host country wont go to the wc in Brazil.S.A. will remain very good hosts of very big events especially soccer but we are not beaters in the sport.Its just in our minds that we are good in soccer but in the field of play,we are not.I sure from this week my friends at work are no longer going to remind me & everybody else about how many Chiefs players are in the Bafana team & atleast I can have a peaceful lunch from this week until after the wc in Brazil.They even went on to refer to Bafana Bafana as Bafana Chiefs,What do they say now?
Eric wa ka Ngobeni,ePitori

As predicted by some pundits earlier, Bafana were unceremoniously and stylishly booted out of the qualifications to the World Cup in Brazil next June. It was a highly pressured game, characterised by drama whereupon we witnessed a player from the Ethiopian team double-cautioned instead of receiving marching orders. Interestingly enough, some analysts of the game rightfully argue that a contested boardroom decision could subsequently favour South Afric. All that being alluded, suffice to say that our players' mentality ought to be adjusted as they invariably blame conditions if we fail to win at both club and national competitions respectively..

After Bafana Bafana were beatten by Ethiopia & subsequently failed in their attempt to qualify for the WC in Brazil next year,I was shocked to read the headline"Igesund Lauds Players"in the Soccer-Laduma mobi site.I mean what is he lauding the players for,for failure?We will never qualify for any major tournaments in this country because we're so used to celebrating mediocrity.The bottom line here is that we lost & Bafana Bafana players will be watching the world cup on TV next year.I don't buy the story that we played well against the Ethiopians.We played well & achieved what?Though I'll be the first to admit that there are no easy teams in international football anymore,but the group we were featured in in the WC qualifiers didn't have any of the heavyweights of African football,but we still failed dismally with all the resources in our country.I'm not going to blame Igesund for our failure to qualify for the WC because we all know that when he took over,the damage was already done by his predecessor.But I'm going to blame him for lauding failures.When you have failed you have failed,it doesn't matter how hard you tried.When he took over Igesund was given 2 mandates (1)to take us to the semis of afcon(2)to take us to Brazil 2014 & guess what?He failed on both.We need to start on a clean slate with a new coach & prepare for 2018 in Russia,finish & klaar!Bongani Mgubela,Diepkloof

So many things have come to my mind as I contemplate on the factors that might  have led to  Bafana's uninspiring defeat suffered at the hands of the "Waila antelopes" of Ethiopia. Albeit I refuse to bring stage fright into the fray. Our players knows how to conduct themselves in front of a hostile crowd. Not taking anything away from the host and their array of supporters who packed the stadium to its capacity. Surely what doomed the entire qualifying campaign was the manner we commenced in early outings. At least, for a every team to have the destiny in their own hands, maximum points should be amassed for every home game. The draws we attained against Ethiopia and Botswana at the beginning dented our Brazil 2014 World Cup  aspirations. Only some few defensive errors creeped in at the critical moment of the match and ended up the architect of the teams' downfall. However, I wouldn't advise of going back to the drawing board but rather start preparing for the not so distant future. Our football is in shambles.
Owen Valoyi, Nkuri-Tomu

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that there are two contributing factors to BB's failure to qualify for Brazil 2014. Firstly, SAFA for keeping Pitso for so long as the national team coach despite his underachievements. Secondly, Pitso himself for not relieving himself from his duties and instead preferred to sue the association millions of rands for unfair dismissal.The first two qualifier games Bafana played in addition to the aforementioned factors are the reasons we're not going to Brazil.
Mamatonyane Maila

Now that Bafana are  out of World Cup qualifiers,our hopes lies with Orlando Pirates to wipe tears in our eyes.Lets hope they will win Champions League to keep football love burning in us. Automatically the national team will do better as we saw after 1995. Even in Egypt when Ahl Ahly and Zamalek do better,the Pharoas win. They are not the African Champions more than four times for nothing.
Musa Zikode

Bafana is good at failing the nation. Their mandate was to qualify for Brazil 2014, and I don't see that happening even if the pending case against Ethiopia materialses. They missed clear chances and Parker put icing to the cake by that beautiful header. I don't see the whiping boys CAR beat  Ethiopia. Minister Mbalula once said he wants to see bafana to Brazil by hook of crook, let's wait and see. Heads must roll, tired by words like improved. What was the mandate of the coach? Fresh coach, fresh players and fresh ideas.
Mawande, waseGqora eTSOMO

When I watched Brazil doing samba and the Mexicans dancing to their samba it was an awesome feeling and again I watched Spain singing the spanish guitar for Uruguay. Eih my country is far away from competing with them,we once promised. We killing our own stars we don't mould and protect our Mayambela's Zongo's etc and we don't have a proper development and yet we expect instant results.
Siyabonga Nkalambela,Delft

SAFA must let Gordon stay,atleast we can see what He want to achieve with our National Team. It's high time SAFA concetrate on development,they should stop shifting the blame,period!
Siyabonga Nkalambela,Delft

I hear that people blame Pitso for our failure to reach the next stage for WC qualify in Brazil, siting our draw with Ethiopia and Botswana while he was still the coach.Just like our goverment blaming apharteid as the reoson why SA is still not back on its feet.After Pitso has left,we had Nations cup to restore things and 4 games was left in the group to fight for top finish.Just like the Goverment,let's not use the past as an excuse for our failures.
Derick Maremeni, Ha Mashamba

What a tragedy in Addis on sunday.And to imagine for several months people actually believed Bafana would qualify,makes it an even bigger tragedy and bitter to swallow.Safa needs to do some introspection,there has to be something they are doing wrong with their adminstration of  football.Perhaps the first thing  would be a vibrant and vigorous approach at grassroots level.The preparation for Russia 2018 should start now.There is ample time,no excuse for another disastrous campaign.
Marcus Useni K, KzN north

Blaming Gordon will be a travesty of justice . If there's someone to be blamed for this chaos debacle its got to be nematandani. The guy hesitated to relieve pitso from the helm, until the the damage was done(2stupid draws). I stil believe that there's a lot need to be done, i mean if countries are like Ethiopia are getting it right having their leagues run from a shoestring budget., why are we not getting it right with all the sponsors with lucrative money we getting on our elite league?. One of the things destroying our football is the unjustified money earned by our players on psl.
Dlalo Tabo emgomanzi

Once again we have not qualified for the world cup,the sad part of it is that our group looked very easy on paper but looking back we lost it in the first two games.Let us give coach Igesund credit for the good job he has done ever since he took over.If ever SAFA has a vision they need to give the coach more time to work on his magic,we must start building a team for the olympics in 2016 and the World Cup in 2018 now.A word of advice to you coach,stop petty politics when it comes to the national team,start building a team around the likes of Jali and Serero for the next world cup
Thanduxolo Kati

Truly speaking, Mabuti Khenyeza's ban, left a lot of questions than answears! Why PSL's Disciplinary Committee didn't fine him some cash and at least maybe 8 matches? Now the question is, what about the referees and their lance-men, who're always, robbing our teams some valuable points, week in and week out? When will they be banned? Or does "human error" only works for them? Our league, is being run in a Mr R. Mugabe style! Even, L Sorres, from England, who biten his opponent's arm, was suspended for only 10 matches and a fine! Ajax Cape Town, must make an appeal against this hypocrets sentence! If they were really serious about signing him, they must act! He did those mistakes, under emotions! So, let's not kill our own players!
Bafana Bafana will need him, who knows? And therefore, we decide to chase him, what for? Why those soccer holigans were not banned for life, in terms of not attending any matches entirely their lives?
OFENTSE "Kakapa" MAHATLHE, Schweizer-Reneke

It was an unfotunate own goal from Bernard Paker.Some times in football you have to be unlucky and that's what happened on Paker last Sunday.He must be strong going forward for the sake of his career.
Derick Maremeni, Ha Mashamba

Bafana Bafana choked at Ethopia's Addis Ababa but now that Ethopia is being investigated by FIFA about a possibility of fielding an illegible player against Botswana,Bafana Bafana has been given another lifeline to qualify for Brazil 2014 should the decision go against them.Congradulations to my team Spain for cruising past stubborn Uruguay,i enjoyed their tik taka football.
Sipho Chirenje Berea

Our hope to 2014 finals in Brazil were shuttered, but our boys played with all their hearts and i want to congratulate them for their performance. Now is time for the team to go back to the drawing board. We must never think of chopping down the technical staff if we want to keep consistency in our team. We can hire the most expensive coach in the world, but the question is, can we hire players?. What happened in Ethiopia can not be changed but we received a good lesson to improve. G.I must be given enough chance to advance with the team. The entire nation is behind you. From Masetha Eddy. Msengi, Blinkwater village

Itumeleng Khune simply doesn't get it! He was criticised for time wasting because we failed to qualify, Ethiopia's goalie was winning and he was just a few minutes away from the next round, he had to slow the game a bit. And he must not forget he is the Captain now
Ndumiso "Mhlabzin" Tembe, Mahlungulu, Manguzi

Hard luck bafana-bafana,to parker this is part of the game you wew doing your defensive duties but the unexpected happened,parker you are good asset in our team and national squad whether they criticize you or not, don't ever doubt yourself we believe in you man.THEMBA,CHABANGU. SHILUVANE



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