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Soccer-Laduma Edition 808

Johnathan Patriopa is a gem, same as our own Teko Modise. Burkina Faso reach the final with his magic moves, that's why I still question the exclusion of Teko. Lets acknowledge his wonderful display, Africa has a star in him.
Gomolemo Matsheng

Evn if Barca Man Utd n Bayern Munich cn be crwn nw by da log titles. i won't ask y. bg up i cn u're sweatng4smthng. .4rm NEUER@PSJ

Congratulation to Nigeria and coach Stephen Keshy, they did well, they fought like soldiers. Mabetha Hendrick wa Bale Hamanenzhe

With due respect, i want to congratulate the Nigerian National team for their efforts after clinching the AFRICAN cup! The super Eagles played as a team, showed hunger and determination from the onset. Overall  it was a successful tournament. Mathole Matome Elijah, BELLEVUE

I'm a Chiefs fan but, the eclusion of Andile Jali didn't get well with me. I know this has to do with Jali's attitute not the way he plays or injury. People love Gorgen but, if he continues to ommit favourate players, he w'l kiss his job goodby. Jali is very strong when he is in possesion, he is also a very good passer of theball. This youngman needs to be groomed while he stil young as he has a potantial. Please Mr Gorden give all players a fair chance so that they can show us what they can do, stop juging them.
Amos Mbalo

G I,taking nothing away from our statememt.bafana won the afcon,became runner-up,3rd we can't.the only different i can see is that,those players most of them where big in status,90 p/cent.
Lazarus Mpofu

Unlucky Bukinafaso, u played well from the start to semi-final, u didn't do well in the final. But I congrtlte u 4 reaching the final nd takin silver medal. Mabetha Hendy wa Bale,
Hamanenzhe, Niani

safa didn't want to shift the game of chiefs and downs,before bafana knows there fate at cup of nations,meaning if they did went to final,it could hav been disastor for chiefs by now.this had been hapening to chiefs than any other teams,tuesday,fridays games.believe somebody out there is doing as he pleases Lazarus Mpofu Ga-Mphahlele

The Afcon is over, & the PSL resumes this tuesday. The mission of reclaiming the glory back to Naturena continues. gudluck against sundawana. MOZENT 4ROM MALAMULELE

The Afcon 13 came and its gone, congratulations to Nigeria for winning it. I did not see it coming. They deserve it after proving many people( including me) wrong. Although I see lot of potential and improvement in african football, the same cannot be said about the standard of referees. The so called big teams from western africa benefit from poor officiating. This is demoralizing for young and upcoming nations, Ghana got penalities in every game they play and their opponents get red card and many unfair yello cards. Fifa must address this issue as it is threatning the beautiful game. Referees almost ruined this tournament. After all its back to reality in PSL, business as usual.
Papi Makola, Magatle, ZB

I've learnt a lesson dt afrcn Referees r nt dt Gud. .dy've named deir badly nw deir countries n also deir names tooo. .anx s.a4hstng ds again into a seccexion. .4rm DK7@PSJ

The demise of Golden generation! I for one believe, it seemed inconceivable that group of players, the so-called golden generation of Drogba, the Toures, would not triumph one AFCON. Probably the term golden generation is itself curse, a guarantee of non-success. And if it is, and this highly talented team is forever unfulfilled. The fitful gifts of Gervinho aside, there is little sign of fresh blood rising to replace the veterans; where is the generation to succeed the golden generation? I don't know, maybe Mamadou would give me an answer someday. Sabri Lamouchi(coach) insisted afterwards that he "took full responsibility" it's hard to believe he will not pay with his job. Of course the team need a coach with experience, somebody who could calm nerves and stiffen sinews from fragile players. The new ideas could prevent culmination of platitude which seem deem the club on big stage, Ngekhe!
Wandile Mtana (Uitenhage)

It's unfair for president Issa Hayatou to say he's happy about referee officiating during AFCON for obviously reasons. And there's something that has been bugging me for a long time, during the AFCON & WC when a referee make a mistake of flashing a yellow/red card they're very quick to reverse the decision but would that be the case in terms of the results? To be specific a game of Ghana vs B Faso could have gone either way so my question is was the results gonna be reversable? I'm sure SAFA & PSL would like to tackle this one if even Mr Sepp Blatter has already left Sous Africa. Andile @ Soweto.
Take nothing away from the Burkinabes! This team was never counted anywhere near the silverware! They convincingly fought through out to the last lap as a team!
Thanks to Bance, Pitriopa, Traore, Koffi, Kone, Nakoulma et al for entertaining us and gracing our shores! Your patriotism hasn't gone has gone unnoticed. This team went down as heroes to their people, unlike others whom we are not interested to talk about!
Thami Tiki, Polokwane

What an interview with Cloette, I must applaud the interviewer on how he managed to get more of that of that man, well done. A word of warning to GI, please we appreciate for lecture on what we lack as south Africans, but please we need to hear your suggested solutions as well, because Brazilians are not much on athletics but they stick with their strengths, hence they are able  to do what they do
Thulani Kweyama

 CAF is a disgrace to our continent, how do u explain 1.5 US Dollar as a winning prices for a continental showpiece? This is totally uncalled for. Winning only 2 trophies in the PSL can get u that money. Lastly I’m tired of seeing empty stadiums in this competition b’coz of the wrong timing of it. I can’t go to the stadium and miss Barcelona vs Madrid game in the hands of Ethiopia vs CV. That’s an ugly truth that we have to face by playing from Jan-Feb. Someone somewhere should wake up and realise that playing this games during Jan-Feb while Europeans are on with their leagues is not a good option. We like it or not our main players are playing in Europe and some can’t handle the pressure from their teams when they get forced not to come back for this showpiece. Pienaar is the latest victim, I don’t think he wanted to resign from the national team duties but the situation at Everton forced him to.
Walter Netshiungani

I would like to congratulate the Nigerians on winning the AFCON 2013,the were one time failing Nigeria as a football nation now they are awake,burkina faso played well throughout the tournament but,they should be one winner during the final,we hosted well the afcon now let’s shift to PSL.VUYANI NTUBU,MXIT:0730304514,KLERKSDORP

Wow. .m so xctd2c Nigeria win ds wthout aboTaiwo. .O Martinz. .Stephen Keshi z a real Boss. .m Sho Moses&Mikel wll gt bck@Starmford wth a gr8 wlcm. .EKENEM UNO(CNGRACULATIONZ) SUPER EAGLES. .4rm M.NICHOLAS NEUER@PSJ

Congrats to the Super Eagles for the job well döne. They proved the critics wrong by clinching the OACN. Stephen Keshi should step down as a coach coz he was not supported by his association.   Wandes, eSoweto

you've done so well in a competition nigeria they had a plan ..they a groom a team now they enjoying the moment like spain
bonginkosi mthembu

Congratulations to the Super Eagles for winning the Orange AFCON.It was not a great final,not entertaining,no drama but I enjoyed the vibe with the Nigerians in Soccer City.Ma player of the tournament is Bance of Burkina Faso.
Vuyo Simawo,eMonti

I would like to congratulate Stephen Kesh and his national team under his mentorship. Brother when I heard that your country had no confidence in you when you came to South Africa for the Orange Afcon I then wished you all the best you really showed us that African coaches can make it happen. Thumb up Super Eagles!
Thulani J K Zwane, KwaDukuza
Good afcon tornament the standard is so high but bad refering is killng our football. The refere who handle the game of ghana and burkina faso waz so bad. But I am happy coz safa play the good part to suspend the refere so he can learn. What I wish 2 see is a full capacit at soccer city on sunday good luck 2 both teams may the best team win at the end
Skhumbuzo gwala, pietermaritzburg sweetwaters

I'm the follower of the football all the ways,I went to Nelson Mandela Stadium watching the game between Ghana and Mali,I was so happy to see Africans being united supporting their teams by singing song together for motivating their teams. When I went to Ghana and Mali match in Nelson Mandela Stadium,I notice that my sit was occupite by someone,and I've asked myself why because the tickets that I bought had sit number,gate entry and row,I would like to ask Laduma Newspaper,do I  have right to move someone sitted on the chair that I payed it ? I also called sucurity but didn't take it into consideration,are these numbers working or not ?Lastly congratulations to nigerians for winning the AFCON 2013.
Thanduxolo Tsenene @ Motherwell PE

Teams like Morrocco, Tunisia, and Zambia might not have done well in the AFCON, but the young squads that they have bought in the tournament will bring success one day for them.  While us here in S.A are busy celebrating B.B mediocre performance from experience players who can't even play under pressure.  Believe me when i say that so-called dream team is taking us nowhere, even if we qualify for 2014 we are just  going get ourselves humiliated by big teams.  We need to rebuild the squad from scratch with young players. Take Nigeria for example, Steven Keshi has built a team of young players around the experience of Obi Mikel.  while we have players with 50 caps, but still they can't handle pressure.  All B.B players have failed us, and i think its time we start rebuilding the squad with players like, Siyanda Xulu, Sibusiso Vilakazi, George Lebese, Sfiso Myeni, Van Graan, Abel Mabaso, George Maluleke, Jabulani Shongwe, Asive Langwe, Andile Jali, Happy Jele, Thandani Ntshumayelo, Mzikayise Mashaba and combine them with experience players like Punch Masenamela, Thanduyiso Khuboni, May Mahlangu,
Rantie, Serero and Itumeleng Khune. I don't want to sound like G.I hater, but this man is taking us nowhere.  Steve  Kompela and Farouk Khan can help us rebuild B.B.  Take Spain as an example, they have beeen building for years look where they are today-we just have to be patient, even if we don't qualify for 2014 its better than getting ourselves humiliated by teams like Germany, Sweden Italy in Brazil.
Leonard Mathebane

Despite their defeat in the final I am still convinced by this energetic Barkina Faso team. They fought well in their game against Ghana despite the middle man's blunders. They lost to the better team in the final. If the coach does not change that squad they will be a force to be reckon. They will be among the power house of Africa. Their individual brilliance is out of this world, Basse can play any where in the world. With his height, strength and skills he will soon become the Didier Dogba of this world. All in all, we enjoyed the African football.
Mikzo Mahesu, Hunguta, Magona

Victor Moses showed just why Chelsea bought him from Wigan. The man makes football look easy. Thabelo Mmege Tshikala

One could see that fatigue catched up with Burkina Faso in the final because of the two previous extra time they played in the quarter & semi finals.Nigeria outplayed them but what i liked most is their never die approach to the game.With that said congradulations to the Super Eagles for lifting this year' Afcon trophy.To Burkina Faso,there is always next time & to you i think being finalist is a great achievement considering in previous edition you were knocked out in group stages without a point.Sipho Chirenje Berea

that is why they say chiefs suppoters we celebrating bafana exit.they see beyond afcon for their team and u can not blame them.where will the players be by now if they should have beat Mali.2 or 3 days to prepare for downs.fixture should have been drafted according to bafana does not mean that chiefs players dn't think about the leaque while in bafana camp
Lazarus Mpofu Ga-Mphahlele

I wud lyk to congradulate nigeria super eagle for wining afcon 2013 final and big up 2 victor moses,sunday mba,obi mikel and not 4geting their coach steven keshi .jezabel lesandawana ebony park

From the tym Gordon Ingesund announced his ''Bafana Chiefs' team,we neva heard da end of da boast by sum fans about da many players their team had in that 'DREAM FLOPS' team.Gaxa was a Mali freeway without e-tollgate.Majoro & Parker combined have scored 1 goal,MISSED 1 clearcut chance 4 goal by Majoro & missed a penalty which equals minus 1 goal,so what was da fuss & noise about? Da onli players who deserve 2 b in da national team from da noisy neighbours are Letsholonyane,Masilela & DA OUTSTANDING SA's No 1 (Itumeleng Khune).The others like Tshabalala,Parker & Gaxa are ova da hill & Majoro is not a national team material..We need andile jali,daine klate & other hungry & capable younger players.THANK U VERI MUCH KEITA & UR MALI TEAM MATES 4 KICKING THAT 'BAFANA CHIEFS' OR 'DREAM TEAM' OUT OF DA AFCON COMPETITION & now we can continue to watch da remaining Afcon matches without the annoying noise by these noisy fans.

It's no secret that coach Gordon Igesund changed the image of the Bafana squad though he was granted a little period of time to prepare the team for the Afcon showpiece, but as an individual i urge all the supporters to rally behind the Bafana team and give Gordon a round of applues for a job welldone in advancing the team to the quarters.

Did you know? Ghana is the only team of the CAF Tournament  awarded penalties in each an every game the played. I think they were the luckiest country all the referees wanted them to win their games at all cost.  Ghana should brace themselves as  people who entered the tournament as favourites by middle men. Had they manage to reach finals to face Nigeria, for sure we were going to see either disaster or miracle AFCON 2013 which middle men were going to show us. I think its time FIFA sit down and implement the new camera system to view some doubtful decisions rather than banning the referee after messup already happened. I think those optional time by the referee plus camera minutes viewing th e unsatiesfied decitions should also be looked at, and bring out suitable and condusive time period of the game. For example they can use the slow motion repeat of what had happed which is going to assist them period. Viva soccer viva  

I'm writing this letter with a heavy heart. As a lesson learned from the best in the Africa. Nigerian coach brought 17 untried and tested youngster to the AFCON the results is he went to Hilbrow with the trophy. To GI please as a start select players on merit,names and favoritism won't and will never win you our hearts. With a smile Patriopa,Bance,Emenike and Victor Moses were the stars of AFCON 2013.
Bonfacious Machethe
Nkandla,Kwazulu Natal

The African Cup of Nations has come and gone and congratulations to Stephen Keshi and the boys for a job well done.I am worried about the effect the break will have on the players in the PSL,I believe we have missed out on the best part of the season as the players will only get back to their best after four or five matches and by then the fate of the championship and relegation would have taken a slight direction.We need to reconsider the breaks in the middLe of the season to the extent of shifting the Cup of Nations to June.
RJ Mehlape Mankweng Turf

What a game between totenham spurs and newcastle ,gary bale was on fire scoring brace and newcastle goal keeper made briliant save.
kabelo lolliwe godfrey ebony park

I was very pleased with the way CAF handled the poor an bad officiating by the refereers in AFCON.This will send a strong massage to all the refereers who perfom below required standard and it will minimise the match fixing.I hope the PSL and SAFA head of refereers has taken a leaf out of CAF's book.
Derick Maremeni,Ha Mashamba


Kwesi Appiah will be very lucky to keep his job as the Ghanian national team coach after the team's dissmally performance in this year's AFCON. The guy had every kind of player at his disposal,player's that any coach in the world would only dream of in their teams but he failed to atleast get a 3rd spot position,the ommission of some experienced and tested campaigner's like Muntari, Kingston, Sarpei, Dramani, Tagoe etc. was his 1st step to failure let alone benching the teams 2 most valuable players Anthony Annan and Jonathan Mensah. His tactics were very predictable and poor at the same time, every team knew it even before playing Ghana that when things doesn't go their way he will introduce Drk Boateng even when the team need an offensive player and Asante,reaching Semi Final was a big mistake Ghana were supposed to be knocked out in the group stages but due to the fact that most of the refrees in the tournament were supporting em they managed to get to the Semi's!

I was waiting for my beloved soccer league to go underway. When I looked at the fixtures I was very disappointed. How can a big game like Sundowns VS Chiefs be played on a Tuesday evening? We as supporters can’t drive all the way to the Eastern Cape to watch a midweek game. Please consider us in future.
Kuphumla stemele, alice


I wish to applaud the Afcon LOC,South African government & all the stakeholders for their hard work in organizing such a magnificent and yet a successful Afcon tournament,South africa has proved beyond reasonable doubt that were good in organizing and I hope its high time we concentrated on bidding for the Olympics I surely & strongly believe we shall pull a very splendid and spectacular event...

The sad reallity in African football is that our FAs don't respect black coaches.I was really shocked by the news that Nigerian coach,Stephen Keshi announced his resignation from the job immediately after guiding the Super Eagles to their first afcon title in 19 years,citting interference.What baffles me is that,when European coaches are at the helm,you hardly hear about these interference stories!We should be ashamed of ourselves for undermining our own African brothers simply because we think everything European is superior.It is going to take ages for an African nation to win the world cup because unlike other continents,we don't believe in our own coaches.Instead,we trust European plumbers,machenics,dancers etc who come into our mother continent mascarading as coaches.
Bongani Mgubela,Diepkloof

The nigerian football association and some of the players who were not called for the 2013 Afcon finals in SA together with most of the team's supporters,never gave Keshi the support he needed during the tournament!they questioned his team selection,but guess what:he proved his worth and proved the entire nigerian nation wrong by winning the prestigious cup after a very long time!well done for sticking to your believes and for believing in your young team!The NFF don't deserve you!good luck with the future!



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