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Soccer-Laduma Edition 803

When the so-called FTF( Football Transformation Forum) was launched we
thought they'l bring new ideas to the game. Three years down the line
nothing new seemed to come out of SAFA house. No new football
development strategies. Amateur football is dying and dodged with
bribery scandals of which SAFA took no action. Some of BAFANA games
were not televised because television rights were held by a third
party who charged exorbitant fees to SABC. Sponsorships are reluctant
to associate themselves with SAFA. Today SAFA officials are implicated in Bafana game fixing scandals.
Looking back you realise that Blatter wanted SAFA to hold elections
after the world cup but  the FTF wanted no postponement- definitely
had an agenda behind everything that unfolded recently. Today all the
eyes of the footballing world are on us. Our national teams  fail to qualify for major FIFA or CAF tournaments and how do we trust that there's no 'fixing' involved? The minister of
sports even complained furiously in parliament about the state of our
football. All of SAFA staff members must do an honourable thing and resign
pending the investigations. No one can trust that billions in WC money
is in the safe hands. Comparing the PSL under Khoza and SAFA is like comparing chalk to
cheese. With the help of some of former BAFANA players surely he can
make things better. There are a lot of former players with pedigree
who can do the job at SAFA. Poeple like Lucas Radebe, Neil Tovey, Jomo
etc. We're tired of a sport that is run by people who act like mayors
or ministers- always corrupt.

I still don't understand Mbombela's local municipality about the slow sale of the 2013 afcon I said before,there's no hype,they're not doing enough to attract us mpumalanga and surrounding areas fans!there's nothing saying the games are here!plz guys work hard!
edward themba

Time to Lead the revolt-Lets Manguanganize Our Football Leadership. We all remember the day when our Bafana players sang and danced celebrating our "Qualification" to a certain the noise levels rose to gigantic proportion at the shebeens,the taxi ranks,at homes,etc only for those celebrations to be cut short a mere two hours later because it emerged via the BBC nogal that our happiness was misdirected,forward (sasiphapha,sasispita)...The so-called 14.1 rule...We all remember the day when a certain Sports Channel wrestled broadcasting rights from the SABC in a deal worth millions of rands....We also recall how greedy officials dished out bonuses to themselves for "doing their job!!!"...Public anger reached fever point but we survived-hit our straps and moved on... What about the infighting and campings and alleged bribery and killing at different regions each time there is to be a SAFA election???...The ushering in of Kirsten Nematandane's administration was amidst cheap politicking,back stabbing and conspiracy...All the those involved in the processes (the losers,the winners) should hang their heads in shame! A lot more has happened in the past couple of years whether it be the PSL or its overseer SAFA...hell there's also been underlying spats between the two bodies...The Khoza gang (the PSL) against the Kirsten gang (SAFA)...Top officials at the PSL and SAFA have resigned at will almost every other day for no clear reason...odd to the rest of us but normal to the bigwigs at the helm of our football... Fast forward 2012 and there are shocking allegations of improper conduct has been levelled against the very same SAFA by the mother body FIFA...People of importance have been suspended (so called good Corporate Governance-My foot)...Our own governing body even being implicated in gambling practices where a ugly looking little man-Raj Perumal was head honcho sent shivers down many a spine...Once again those we entrusted to show us the way have embarrassed us the nation!!!... If I can dwell on further and mention the POOR manner in which Banyana Banyana are handled and other things-i would run into pages and pages of angry scribble!!!...THE POINT IS CLEAR... We need to Manguanganize the leadership of our country's football...Enough is Enough!!!...Both the PSL and SAFA need to be chosen by us the people!!!...we should be allowed to have a say on who leads these structures and have a say on major decisions taken!!!The days of SAFA being a political battlefield where only a few incompetent people sit in their glass SAFA house throwing stones must come to an end....I personally call for a national revolt...

Damned William, who is he to force English Premier League into kick boxing league. I'm glad its unlike in South African football league where players are kicking and breaking other player's legs without steps taken. English premier league is very professional to allow brutality and rude behaviour. Williams must learn to be a good professional player that takes responsibility when things does not go his way. He deserves a punishment.
Terah Maqepula,

The good footsteps of Mashego toward the goals will real confuse Gordon on whether to omit him or not on AFCON squad. He scored a brilliant goal against Platinum stars, a goal that will contest against the goal of the world. He is got a well educated left foot that leave Gordon in doubt if he is making a good decisions on selecting good strikers for Bafana.
Terah Maqepula,

I would like to thank KC for winning as a matter of fact do not play KC at night they too dangerous,I guess the Afcon will be at night so that S.A(KC) will always be victorious(Shabba nd Majoro) congra boys keep up the good work the likes of Parker nd Matoho will follow you as you will lead S.A to victory. Reclaiming the glory shappa Khosi shappa

With the festive tournaments like the Ba2cada games at Botshabelo,Phyllis games at Tembisa and etc being held in our communities I wish to plead with everyone to please rally behind them because they contribute positively in unearthing and development of our talent and in crime reduction.
Wuest Mosime, Botshabelo

Am shocked by most laduma readers lack of foresight comparing mathoho to messi speaking spannish is naive ppl tht language is widely used in europe n americas 3qs understand so why would thy complain mathoho shuld ave bn prfsional considerng the magnitude of tht gme bt there's no harm thre

I respect Igesund's team selection but I'd like to see a player like Happy Jele being roped into the Bafana squad. He's a type of a guy we can rely on because of his fighting spirit, discipline, leadership skills etc. I think his inclusion can boost the team's confidence & stand a chance of winning Afcon 2013.                                                                           DERRICK "Obama" KHUMALO, GP

I have an intact copy of the magazine Soccer News, Vol 6 No 1 of January 1996, which previewed particularly the AFCON starting 13 January to 3 February 1996. On page 9 "Say that Again: The things they said in "95" we have Clive Barker describing the the kind of players he would like in his team, saying "Give me five street sweepers and six violinists and I will win the Nations Cup." According to then Editor Richard Maguire (p 22), Barker was jokingly referring to to the type of combination he would like to select --- five solid, dependable workers and six men of flair and imagination. In Barker's own words, a squad that would be "balanced, hard working and ,if necessary, can both graft and provide the spark, thrills and flair" We know what those street sweepers and violinists did --- they won the Simba Four Nations Cup then the AFCON. Barker himself said (p 29) " I firmly believe in a positive approach. This is what I have instilled in the players from the day I took over. I told them I want them to go out there to win, but they must also enjoy themselves as well.... This is no doubt the biggest event by South African standards. It requires from myself the ability to select players who are durable, carry no injury problems and are prepared to die for their country" Hmm! Prepared to die for their country, Bring on the violinists and street sweepers, Gordon! We want to see them die for their country not dive when their violins cannot tune and the sweepers cannot croon.
Lawrence M Mpanya Lamontville

If what I saw on soccer laduma site and mobi is anything to go by, then we are lost in S.A as a whole, how can u replace the well travelled Antonio Habas wt Clive oldman Barker, why not Niel tovey then? Wits will b fighting relegation battle come d month of May
Kuphumla roger stemele, Alice
Have you ever asked youself what motivate Messi and Ronaldo. Surely it can't be money because this guys don't know how much they have in their bank accounts. The closest answer I can think of is breaking and setting new records. And our nonentities saying "I have nothing to prove to anyone" sitting at the stands let alone the bench; that everyone knows what they can do. Everyone knows what Messi and Ronaldo do not you. In fact I don't remember hearing this two greats saying that. If you think Messi and Ronaldo don't want to prove who the best player in the planet is then you are very wrong. Don't be fooled by Messi's humbleness and downplaying his individual archievements like they don't mean anything, they do it's just that he is level headed. Lucky M Khunou, Meriting

I'm really baffled by whats happening in the rotten SAFA house! First, in less than two weeks we will be hosting the continent's biggest soccer event in the country but only few people know about it. I wonder what the marketing department's job is because this event wasn't even well marketed. Our soccer haa lost its value. As if that's not enough, the correct decision to suspend the corrupt Nematandani and his cronies-which was later overturned- and their reinstatement leaves much to be desired.
The infighting just proves what we knew all along that the formation of the FTF was just a jealous conspiracy to topple Irvin Khoza. True, SUFFER is rotten to the bone and their house is in shambles.
Bahlabanedi Fresca Magabane, Mahlashi ville-Burgersfort

Thanks God for giving the world the best footballer, Mess. The entertainer, the player that plays simple and scores goals. He deserve to be the FIFA Ballon D'or Award winer and he still going to win it even on the fifth time. He is still young and humble, playing for a well professional team in Barca. I was not expecting any body but Lionel Messi.
Terah Maqepula,



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