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Assessing Gerard Deulofeu From The Physio's Table

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By Soccer Laduma - Aug 09, 2017 10:01 AM
The Soccer Laduma Deep Heat team is dedicated to helping the fans stay on top of the latest injury news in football around the world.
Our expert biokineticist, Russell Looms, from the EPT Recovery Centre in Stellenbosch, gives us his advice on the details of injuries that are sustained by some of the biggest names in local football and abroad, advises us exactly what the consequences are of a particular injury and how to deal with it.
On the injured list this week: Gerard Deulofeu
Current club: FC Barcelona 
Injury: Groin injury
Soccer Laduma injury brief: New Barcelona signing, Gerard Deulofeu, did not travel with Ernesto Valverde’s squad on their tour of the USA, with the coach confirming that he had a muscle problem, which has since been identified as a groin injury.
Attending Physio: Russell Looms BHMS Hons (Biokinetics), EPT Recovery Centre
The Physio says: This is an injury to the inside of the thigh, commonly named a groin strain or adductor strain/injury and occurs when muscles are put under extreme sudden forces. The muscles can get over-stretched and even torn. It is common during running and jumping and particularly in changing direction or in suddenly stopping.
Recommended rehab exercise: Ice the inside of your thigh to reduce pain and swelling. Use Deep Heat to warm away the pain. Active stretching and strengthening exercises. Depending on grade of injury, this can start immediately or may require several days of rest. Pain is used as a guide. Too aggressive and further damage may occur.
Estimated time of recovery: A mild strain four to six weeks. More severe strains take up to 12 weeks to recover from.
How to prevent this injury from recurring: Strengthen the upper leg muscles around the hip joint, which includes the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluts and inner thigh (adductors). Perform balancing exercises as well as stretch regularly. Be sure to warm up correctly. Use Deep Heat to assist in warming up and preparing you for sport.
Notable players who suffered this injury in the past:
• Lionel Messi
• Luka Modric
• Juan Mata
• Diego Costa


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