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Assessing Ngoma From The Physio's Table

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By Soccer Laduma - Jul 12, 2017 03:21 PM
On the injured list this week: Aubrey Ngoma
Current club: Cape Town City
Injury: Knee injury
Soccer Laduma injury brief: Cape Town City wing Aubrey Ngoma was forced to withdraw from the 2017 COSAFA Cup squad due to a persistent knee injury. He was taken for an MRI scan at the end of June and depending on the result of the assessment, may require surgery.
Attending Physio: Russell Looms BHMS Hons (Biokinetics), EPT Recovery Centre
The Physio says: 

There are many causes for a knee injury. Sprains are injuries to the ligaments inside the knee that connect the bones. Strains are classified as injuries of the muscles and tendons surrounding the knee and the kneecap. Tendonitis refers to inflammation of the tendons in muscles surrounding the knee. There are bone injuries such as breaks or fractures of the kneecap, kneecap or knee joint dislocation. Then, there can also be a tear in the cartilage of the knee joint (meniscus) caused by twisting.

Recommended rehab exercise:
Depending on the injury, consult a professional to determine what type of injury you might have. Treatment includes rest, ice and compression during the acute stage. Deep Heat can be used to warm away pain and discomfort. Strengthening exercises and perhaps physical therapy will be needed.  Water-based exercise has proven to be effective.
Estimated time of recovery:
Each injury is unique, and treatment time and decisions depend on what the expectation for the function will be.
How to prevent this injury from recurring:
Balancing on one leg with the knee slightly bent, followed by strengthening the muscles assist in stabilising the knee joint. Having strong and flexible quadriceps and hamstring muscles can prevent minor stresses to the knee from causing significant injury. Use Deep Heat while warming up and preparing the muscles before exercising.
Notable players who suffered this injury in the past:
• Cristiano Ronaldo
• Sergio Ramos
• Brighton Mhlongo
• Anele Ngcongca


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