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I Am Now Living A Life That Is Better Than Before


By Soccer Laduma - Oct 11, 2018 09:36 AM

Capitec together with Soccer Laduma found a way to reward and celebrate everyday South Africans, no matter what bank they do their banking with. Every month a winning letter gets published in an edition of Soccer Laduma, however, we have decided to also share the stories of others who have sent in their inspiring letters. 

Lungisa Mbaba’s large family desperately needed to build a comfortable home to accommodate everyone and a car to get herself to and from work on a daily basis. With the help of Capitec and by being approved a personal loan, he was able to achieve all of his dreams.

“My dream was to build a house at home and have a car to drive. I am from a family of nine people, (and) there was an absolute need for a house to accommodate everyone.

“I also had a problem of transport going to work and (back) home. I then, after noticing that I had not enough money to achieve all my goals, (I) decided to apply for a personal loan.

“Indeed, my loan was approved. I managed to build a house at home and bought a second-hand car. When I was left with one year to finish my loan, I also applied for another loan to buy furniture and settle other loans I had somewhere else.

“I am now living a life that is better than before and I can see the help of the loan I got. I could not have built a house with furniture without the help of (the) Capitec loan and today I have a car to drive to work and home.”

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