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What Is Enough Money?


By Soccer Laduma - Jun 27, 2018 05:02 PM

Congratulations to Mxolisi Ngongoma whose letter on how saving changed his life was picked as the winning letter for the first round of the ‘Capitec Rewards Everyday Heroes’ campaign. By being selected as the winner he was rewarded by getting the opportunity to put questions to his favourite goalkeeper of all time, Rowen Fernandez. Make sure you get this week’s edition of Soccer Laduma to see the full interview on page 9.

Have a look at Mxolisi’s winning submission below and then why don’t you email your story to to stand a chance of being selected as the next winner and get to have a soccer star answer the questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

This month’s theme is to tell us the story about how having protection helped you to manage financially when an unexpected event pulled the carpet from underneath your feet.

I managed to transport myself to different interviews. 

Having grown up in a rural area called Amadiba in Bizana in the Eastern Cape, in a big family that struggled to make ends meet since no one was working, I ended up in Pretoria. My coming to Pretoria was a culmination of my hustling spirit, after having decided that I would not dare fold my arms and lament unemployment. 

Fortunately, I am a graduate, the only one in my family, and even though finding a job has been very difficult, there have been some part-time opportunities here and there. In May 2017, I managed to get an internship in Pretoria. Unfortunately, it was not easy to save enough money because the standard of living is very high in the capital city. Things became even more complicated; I had to send money home every month for the past 12 months – mind you, all of this on a mere stipend! Every month my thoughts ran amok, to such an extent that I once found myself wondering, “What do I do? It is the fourth month already and I have no savings.” It then dawned on me that the only reason I could not save was that I had told myself that I was not earning enough money to save for future needs. 

What is enough money then? Honestly, no one earns enough money, but some people are able to make savings. I decided to open a savings account in order to start putting some money aside. By the time my contract came to an end on the 30th of April 2018, I still had money in my bank account. Because I am a hustler, I never stopped applying for jobs and I got several calls in May 2018. I did not have to worry about transportation fare, as I still had some savings. I managed to go to interviews in different cities and, as a result, on the 28th of May 2018 I started a new job at SATMA offices in Pretoria. I also paid rent from my savings.

I am really happy I was able to save instead of crying about not earning enough money. I am now planning to get my driver’s licence and I know it will be soon because I know how to save money now. I just realised that saving money is being proactive as it is a great plan for the future. 


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Ok Mr Shorty good story.
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