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Teams Have Upped Their Game


By Soccer Laduma - Dec 13, 2017 08:57 AM
This week we hear from Soccer Laduma Supporters Club Committee Member Dejan Miladinovic as he speaks about the debate on the standard of the PSL as well as the upcoming January transfer window. 
On the debate about the standard of the PSL
Well, a lot has been said about the standard of the PSL lately following the results that saw teams sharing the spoils for two weeks in a row. A lot of people are saying that the standard of the league has dropped, but I want us to also look at the fact that a lot of teams have upped their game. As a result, it becomes very difficult for the so-called big teams to get the results against the rest of the teams. That is, in a sense, competitiveness. Every team can get a result against any team now. Even in the transfer market, all the teams are competing for players’ signatures.
On the upcoming January transfer window
One of the most exciting times in the league is almost upon us in just less than a month from now, which is the January transfer window. From the 1st of January, we will see players moving around from different teams. It is always an exciting time for the supporters, even though some are always hurt to lose their favourite players during this time. It keeps us on our toes until the last hour, as we always wait in anticipation to see who’s going where. I hope that the coming one will yield results for teams. Remember strong teams will make the league competitive and strong. All I wish for my team, Orlando Pirates, during the coming window is for them to get a prolific striker that will complement the hard work that they put in every game by scoring the goals.
Message to PSL players
I want to say to all the PSL players that this December short break is for them to be with their families and loved ones, not to be out there drinking alcohol and driving fast on the roads. I appeal to all of them to take care. They must also not forget to train and keep fit. Fans are complaining about the drop in the standard of our league as it is, so they must make sure they come back fit and ready.
Word of thanks to our sponsor, AVBOB
As a Soccer Laduma Supporters Club Committee member, I want to express my gratitude to AVBOB for being with us the entire 2017. We all know that AVBOB is a massive brand in their field and for us as Supporters Club to be associated with them is a big thing. On behalf of everyone involved with the Supporters Club, I want to thank AVBOB for supporting this great initiative and I hope they will stay with us for more years to come.
Parting message
To every member of Supporters Club and every football supporter in general, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year in 2018. To those who will be travelling this festive season, let us all be careful on the roads. Be alert and do not drink and drive. Let us all come back in the new year in one piece. We have a huge task to take our football to new heights. Together, we can do that!
Until next year,


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