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Please, Let Us Die No More…


By Soccer Laduma - Aug 03, 2017 08:52 AM

Good day, football supporters


On what happened at FNB Stadium

It always saddens me having to speak about lost lives at stadiums. Blaming and pointing fingers at Stadium Management is wrong. They did everything they could to prevent such an incident from occurring. The security personnel cannot be blamed either. It is just sad to lose people in that fashion.

On what supporters must learn

As supporters, we must stop being ignorant. It was widely announced that this game was a sold-out affair three weeks prior to the day. Please, supporters, let us die no more. Let us be careful. Let us all be responsible for our lives because clearly no one will take care of us. I hear a lot of people are complaining and saying the game should have been called off. I totally disagree with that because it was going to cause more violence. Believe you me, we were going to witness the second Ellis Park disaster. Once again, this all rests upon us as supporters. Let us be punctual and buy tickets early. The reason we buy fake tickets is that we do not buy tickets early. If we can get that right, then we won’t have any of this. This cup is the only one that allows us to select our best XI as supporters. Everybody wants to be part of it, so let us please not enrich the criminals by buying their fake tickets. If you haven’t bought a ticket and they are sold out, please stay at home. That way, these criminals won’t have anyone to sell their fake tickets to. Once that happens, they will stop these criminal activities, because they won’t be making any money.


To the families of the two deceased members, as football supporters, we are crying with you. We have lost our brothers. You know, I thought as supporters, we have learnt a lesson from the Ellis Park disaster. Clearly, we haven’t learned anything from it if we are still losing lives in this fashion. Let the departed souls of the two football servants, the custodians of the Beautiful Game, rest in eternal peace!

Be safe!

Mama Joy Chauke

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Bridgertte Layun Joined: 19 Jul 2017
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Bridgertte Layun Aug 03, 2017 07:20 PM
I like Mama Joy together with our very own Bassie they've got football knowledge
Realydoctor10 Joined: 18 Nov 2016
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Realydoctor10 Aug 03, 2017 07:14 PM
Congras to Mama joy what you do is personal mama joy i like your spirit as a good supporter who attend all pirates games thanks to cry with the families of the two people who lost their lifes
Tom Po KeCanon Joined: 16 Apr 2017
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Tom Po KeCanon Aug 03, 2017 06:25 PM
Stop thuggery n corruption. Free easy things won't take us anywhere. Let's earn our worth before Nature casts vote of no confidence against us
Sectionwalikhosi Joined: 13 Aug 2015
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Sectionwalikhosi Aug 03, 2017 06:20 PM
Chiefs will win maize cup only....that were your undermining comments and you were left eating humble pie.this is a men's game you belong ekhishini
daddy X Joined: 07 Mar 2017
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daddy X Aug 03, 2017 11:31 AM
Up the bucs
Maloh11 Joined: 10 Apr 2017
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Maloh11 Aug 03, 2017 09:48 AM
Please help no more dying in our staduims
Myaka weliPhefeni Joined: 14 Jul 2016
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Myaka weliPhefeni Aug 03, 2017 09:43 AM
Mama Joy tell ur fellow fans bcz every where is a pirates fans who course trouble in a stadium even at the places where u cn watch a big screen for the big matches,at the end Irvin Khoza pointing fingers to other pple or stadium management as he did to Sundowns after what rats fans done in their half dozen lost to Ndunu fc

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