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Gallery: Argentina, Spain, Germany & Co. Launch Retro Inspired World Cup Kits

Gallery: Argentina, Spain, Germany & Company Launch Retro Inspired World Cup Kits

By David Kappel - Nov 06, 2017 07:16 PM @kappilinho
Lionel Messi's Argentina, Spain, Colombia and Germany were among eight World Cup nations who launched their new home kits, each inspired by iconic shirts from the past, on Monday.
Click through the gallery above to see Argentina, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Colombia, Mexico, Russia and Japan's new kits.

Germany’s kit pays homage to their famous 1990 shirt, while Argentina's new design celebrates the Argentine Football Association's 125-year anniversary.

Spain's kit is a nod to the jersey worn at the 1994 World Cup, while Colombia’s kit takes inspiration from their 1990 version.

Mexico is another shirt inspired by the 1990 World Cup, and Russia's tops are a modern interpretation of the 1988 kit of the Soviet Union, which won gold at the Olympic Games.

Belgium's new kit, meanwhile, has a retro reference to their 1984 shirt, while Japan's strip takes inspiration from handcrafted Japanese Apparel Design.

"adidas has created so many products, innovations and looks through the decades which became true icons in the soccer world. We want to celebrate those icons in the world of today," Juergen Rank, senior design director at adidas, said.

"The fans feel the same way. They have the desire for authenticity and progression. They want something they immediately can identify with but at the same time it needs to contain the latest innovations and technologies of today.

"We bring the needs for the players and fans together, the needs for on pitch and off pitch, the needs for the stadium and the streets."

Gallery: Germany Unveil 2018 World Cup Kit

Click through the gallery above to see all new adidas kits, and let us know which one you like the best in the comments section below.


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chiefs hater Joined: 01 Oct 2017
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chiefs hater Nov 07, 2017 09:53 PM
what is this!
Default Joined: 25 Jul 2017
No badges available Nov 07, 2017 11:46 AM
I go with Japan n Spain
kgosi0520 Joined: 29 Oct 2016
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kgosi0520 Nov 07, 2017 09:55 AM
@Sandile2743 thats how it works cos if you look at nike now most design are the same
lulikho Joined: 08 Aug 2013
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lulikho Nov 07, 2017 09:04 AM
Adidas ran out of Ideas shame...Puma will come top this world cup.
No badges available
I see adidas is going back in to the yesteryears #classic, I love the Japanese kit more.
asahlelipani Joined: 21 May 2017
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asahlelipani Nov 07, 2017 06:20 AM
All of them are ugly, except Argentina
Sandile2743 Joined: 21 Oct 2015
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Sandile2743 Nov 07, 2017 04:02 AM
@cowpule I fully agree with you. Adidas always run out of options. In 2010 South Africa, Spain, Mexico, Germany all had the same designs, only the colours were the difference. And they always do this on big tournaments.
Geoff Stunner Joined: 06 Apr 2017
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Geoff Stunner Nov 06, 2017 10:54 PM
Colombia Jersey is ugly.
khupe Joined: 04 Dec 2013
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khupe Nov 06, 2017 10:08 PM
Argentina is best
cowpule Joined: 23 Aug 2014
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cowpule Nov 06, 2017 09:02 PM
Adidas is lazy poor designs
Dave1992 Joined: 12 Jun 2016
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Dave1992 Nov 06, 2017 08:43 PM
I gotta say the Japanese one looks the best..

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