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Ronaldo: Salah Mustn't Be Compared To Me

Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo: Liverpool's Mohamed Salah Mustn't Be Compared To Me

By Kurt Buckerfield - May 24, 2018 05:45 PM @KurtLaduma

Five-time Ballon d'Or winner and Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has explained why he thinks African winger Mohamed Salah should not be compared to him.

France's World Cup Snubbed XI

Los Blancos will take on the Reds in the UEFA Champions League final in Kyiv, Ukraine, on Saturday and plenty of talk in the build-up to the game has been about which superstar will outperform the other: Ronaldo or Salah.

The Egyptian has been compared to Lionel Messi as well as Ronaldo, who has now insisted that he and the 25-year-old are totally different footballers.  

"We are completely different," the Portugal talisman told Metro.

"People want to compare me with other players, but I'm different from everyone.

"He is completely different. He plays with the left, I play with the right. I'm tall, he's a little bit shorter, I play with the head.

"Salah is different, but I have to say he has had a fantastic Champions League, a fantastic league season, but Saturday... let's see." 

Ronaldo Laughs Off Neymar Rumours

While Salah has scored 44 goals in 51 games for Liverpool this season, Ronaldo has hit the back of the net 44 times in just 43 games for Los Blancos.

Who do you think will win the UCL final on Saturday? Let us know in the comments section below. 


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Ms Momo Joined: 26 May 2018
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Ms Momo May 26, 2018 04:10 PM
whoever compared u with great Salah must b smoking sumthing Salah is a creator & scoring machine u r spoonfed
SorayaAlexander Joined: 20 Jan 2018
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SorayaAlexander May 25, 2018 10:24 PM
Hala Madrid all the way respect my team there is only one way and that's the real way yes very true there is only one king and that is Ronaldo you go boys
MR E Joined: 17 Apr 2012
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MR E May 25, 2018 10:59 AM
It's going to be final of two, we all know cowdrid are favourite, but I won't rule liverpool out!
Pirates_999 Joined: 08 Nov 2017
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Pirates_999 May 25, 2018 09:36 AM
I feel sorry for Liverpool every team that played in UCL is behind them, but they won't produce....Hala Madrid
NtsetG Joined: 16 Nov 2017
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NtsetG May 25, 2018 08:58 AM
You cant compare Legend and on form average player!!! that's what I call Disaster.
Maloh11 Joined: 10 Apr 2017
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Maloh11 May 25, 2018 08:47 AM
hope you will not win another penalty like you did against Juve
Mashia1950 Joined: 29 Aug 2017
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Mashia1950 May 25, 2018 08:33 AM
Liverpool will surprise a lot of people.
Vharazipi Joined: 20 May 2018
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Vharazipi May 25, 2018 07:38 AM
You do not want to be compared to anyone else because you are from another planet you stay alone. You are good there our Jesus. You said come Saturday that is pretty good and everyone is waiting for the day. I wish the whistle man forget the yellow and red cards at. Let the whistle not take side
Schakos Joined: 08 Aug 2014
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Schakos May 24, 2018 11:05 PM
People will always compare the best with the best and it's common in football circles
So-Mathabo-KBY Joined: 29 Aug 2016
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So-Mathabo-KBY May 24, 2018 08:41 PM
"Saturday lets see", see what? we know the ref has been paid have a penalty waiting for you to convert in Kiev and Liverpool are awaiting a red card
FIFA behind chiefs Joined: 24 Jan 2018
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FIFA behind chiefs May 24, 2018 07:40 PM
he was better than u this season XPECIAL in league games
The Bucsboss Joined: 02 Nov 2016
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The Bucsboss May 24, 2018 07:07 PM
@Vharazipi sure.#UP THE BUCS.
The Bucsboss Joined: 02 Nov 2016
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The Bucsboss May 24, 2018 07:05 PM
The different is just that he comes from Africa.This is how our talent is always undermined.Rinaldo is slowly going down,but for being Ronaldo he dont accept that.Well here cones African talent to challange and shake the world.#UP THE BUCS.
Dangerous when provoked Joined: 27 Oct 2016
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Dangerous when provoked May 24, 2018 06:33 PM
The difference is that others are team players and the other one is being spoonfed.
Bridgertte Layun. Joined: 18 Dec 2017
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Bridgertte Layun. May 24, 2018 06:10 PM
Jurgen Klopp's charges
Vharazipi Joined: 20 May 2018
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Vharazipi May 24, 2018 06:05 PM
Who compared you to Salah does not know football. You are fast for nothing compared to Salah who has the eye for goal

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