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Asensio Picks Between Messi & Ronaldo

Marco Asensio Picks Between FC Barcelona's Lionel Messi & Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo

By Kurt Buckerfield - Mar 22, 2018 05:45 PM @KurtLaduma

Real Madrid starlet Marco Asensio has named who he thinks is the better player between his superstar teammate Cristiano Ronaldo and FC Barcelona's Lionel Messi.

Ronaldo Extends LaLiga Record Over Messi

The age-old debate as to who the best is between Ronaldo and Messi is one that many footballers have given their opinion on, and now Asensio has weighed in on the argument.

The Spaniard, who has scored many sensational goals since his breakthrough at Real, was recently asked to pick between the two superstars, and his answer was perhaps unsurprising.

"Every year, Cristiano is at an impressive level," he told AS.

"Messi and Cristiano are at a great level. But I can only say Cristiano, who is on my side."

Asensio has been playing alongside Ronaldo since the beginning of last season, and has scored goals that have reminded supporters of the strikes the Portuguese used to score consistently several years back.

Messi Responds To Conte's Comments

Many have tipped the Spaniard to be a future challenger for the Ballon d'Or, an award that Messi and Ronaldo have won five times each.

Do you think Asensio only chose Ronaldo because he is his teammate? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Ntsunda11 Joined: 17 Feb 2016
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Ntsunda11 Mar 23, 2018 09:56 AM
Ungafunga bazalwa ngumfazi omnye
Ntsunda11 Joined: 17 Feb 2016
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Ntsunda11 Mar 23, 2018 09:55 AM
Why barcelona players, legends, and fans are so rude and full of insults towards Madrid team? I only know Ramos who passionately hate barcelona but never throw insults towards them. Even here in SA barcelona fans always insulting everything associated with Madrid.
lucky555 Joined: 12 Jun 2015
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lucky555 Mar 23, 2018 09:47 AM
looooool coz he is on yo side not coz he is the best
Matayitayi Joined: 24 Jan 2014
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Matayitayi Mar 23, 2018 09:30 AM
It's your teammate so it's obvious
Boris Becker Joined: 23 May 2017
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Boris Becker Mar 23, 2018 09:04 AM
alizebucs1986 Joined: 30 Jun 2017
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alizebucs1986 Mar 23, 2018 08:30 AM
But truth of the Matter is Cr7 is at his best every year
Pirates_999 Joined: 08 Nov 2017
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Pirates_999 Mar 23, 2018 07:57 AM
@FIDOSH MASILELA Well said, dankie mate
Hopsi Joined: 13 Mar 2018
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Hopsi Mar 23, 2018 07:39 AM
everyone barca and Madrid player choose between the 2 only bcoz they are on their side , the only difference is that Asensio Said it
Master25 Joined: 26 Nov 2014
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Master25 Mar 23, 2018 04:44 AM
It's not easy for a young Madrid player to choose Messi for obvious reasons(same goes for Barca players), but in this case I do feel that Asensio is not fully convinced that Ronaldo is the best, hence his responce of saying "because he's on my side". One day when he's no longer on his side, he will then easily confess that Messi is the GOAT.
Nick#10 Joined: 08 Dec 2016
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Nick#10 Mar 22, 2018 10:38 PM
He's on ur side
Munangwangwa Joined: 25 Nov 2017
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Munangwangwa Mar 22, 2018 09:16 PM
You are 100% correct ansesio
Faysal Joined: 14 Feb 2011
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Faysal Mar 22, 2018 08:23 PM
If he penaldo wasn't your side?
SL_hated_donkey Joined: 27 May 2014
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SL_hated_donkey Mar 22, 2018 08:12 PM
First of all Asensio doesn't speak English. Secondly, SL editors are forced to spice up articles so as to generate many comments from bloggers' debates. I mean, in your right senses do yo think Asensio answered that he chooses Cr7 because he is on his side? Is it not an insult compared to picking Messi?
FIDOSH MASILELA Joined: 24 Aug 2017
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FIDOSH MASILELA Mar 22, 2018 08:08 PM
what I actually know between barca and real is sense of respect its rare to hear a madrista legend or player talking ill about messi but football followers knows the likes of Xavi and pique how hateful their are toward the king so ascension is speaking as a professional not a emotional pig like barca ppl thats all...#kingCR7rules
Voltaire Joined: 23 May 2017
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Voltaire Mar 22, 2018 07:30 PM
"Messi and Cristiano are at a great level. But I can only say Cristiano, who is on my side." Well this settles it, Asensio only says it because he might anger Ronaldo
Mandisa.M Joined: 16 Nov 2017
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Mandisa.M Mar 22, 2018 07:15 PM
"who is on my side" i think that jst says it at coz had he not playing for Real i doubt he would have picked CR7
The Lecturer Joined: 05 May 2017
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The Lecturer Mar 22, 2018 06:47 PM
He adtmits it himself....his opinion is not neutral. But watching Asensio play, I have no doubt in my mind that his idol is Messi. Not that he plays at the same level as Messi, but he's cleary trying to be him.
Bucsfever16 Joined: 14 Mar 2018
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Bucsfever16 Mar 22, 2018 06:26 PM
Messi is the best ever but understandably so this cow chose Penaldo just because he is a teammate and he's afraid of him but deep down he know king Messi is the greatest of them all,,,bloody idiot!!
No badges available
Bloody donky at least u honest U Chose Penaldo coz he's on your Side but Messi is the Greatest akere

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