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'Messi Is Too Good'

'Lionel Messi Is Too Good'

By Kurt Buckerfield - Jan 26, 2018 02:31 PM @KurtLaduma

A countryman of Argentine superstar Lionel Messi's has revealed what it was like seeing the FC Barcelona superstar train for the first time.

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Tottenham Hotspur winger Erik Lamela, who has 23 caps for the Albiceleste, believes football comes "too easy" for the five-time Ballon d'Or winner, who he feels is the best player in the game.

"He's too good," he said, according to the Daily Mirror.

"It's crazy the way he plays. It's too easy for him, that's why he's the best in the world. I enjoy watching him."

On watching Messi in training for the first time: "I said 'This is not normal'. How he plays is unbelievable. He's too good."

Guardiola: Nobody In The World Like Ronaldinho Until Messi

Lamela was last in the Argentina squad in 2016, and will be hoping to work his way into Jorge Sampaoli's plans for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Do you think Messi can inspire the Albiceleste to success in Russia in June? Let us know in the comments section below. 


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Faysal Joined: 14 Feb 2011
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Faysal Jan 27, 2018 09:15 PM
Too good indeed
Bragibbz Joined: 12 Nov 2016
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Bragibbz Jan 26, 2018 09:58 PM
And no body will ever be good than him hes too much!
blackmeteor Joined: 15 Nov 2017
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blackmeteor Jan 26, 2018 09:32 PM
464 goals in 544 appearances...............comp are that to Penaldo's 547 goals in 744 appearances (200 games more!)
Golden Boots Joined: 08 Feb 2015
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Golden Boots Jan 26, 2018 07:29 PM
Indeed Lamela is a footballer not these cows talking bull about the great!
Ntuthuko5110 Joined: 17 Feb 2014
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Ntuthuko5110 Jan 26, 2018 05:22 PM
@mfundom I think u confusing urself dude ,sometimes u count him collectively with his team if the team didn't do well n rub it on messi .do u know that messi is always on top of his game individually that they exclude his team n single out messi bcos he is always play well bt u must know something messi CNT play alone n he CNT always save Argentina ,he cnt win the world cup in his own ,bt he always plays well even if I didn't score bt he still make an impact in the game ,something I won't say abt cr7.
ZZ2 vs Papa charles Joined: 06 Aug 2017
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ZZ2 vs Papa charles Jan 26, 2018 04:29 PM
messi is lyk former king of kwaito after mnike he evaporate,wen he's needed he fumble wht he dd here in 2010?Cowshabba out-shined him,otherwyz allow me to praise myself bcos i hold a record of double hatrick in amateur league "Levhubu" although i was not a striker in 2011
mfundom Joined: 15 Feb 2010
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mfundom Jan 26, 2018 03:59 PM
He's too good for Laliga teams. My own opinion "Messi was somehow inconsistence in the past 10 years to be the greatest for me, from 2007-2016 some1 played at least on the UCL semis than him. Some seasons when the going gets tough he'd disappear. take nothing away from him but he mustered Laliga football but sometime when it comes to consistency on the international standard he disappear e.g. 2010 on our home soil world cup he left the tournament with a clean sheet. Some say the other guy has more games than him, its simply because year in year out you find the other guy on at least the semis of UCL. Bear in mind he doesn’t have to change leagues to prove his qualities for me but I strongly believe some1 has done more than him.”

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