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Mbappe Far Ahead Of Messi & Ronaldo At His Age

Kylian Mbappe Far Ahead Of Lionel Messi & Cristiano Ronaldo At His Age

By Kurt Buckerfield - Sep 13, 2018 08:29 PM @KurtLaduma

France international Kylian Mbappe has been likened to Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, but the statistics suggest that he is already far ahead of the Argentine and Portuguese at his age.

Click through the mini-gallery above to see Mbappe's numbers compared to Messi at Ronaldo at 19 years old!

Messi and Ronaldo have dominated football over the past 10 years, winning five Ballons d'Or each and countless club trophies.

While it is difficult to imagine anybody surpassing their remarkable achievements, statistics show that Paris Saint-Germain's Mbappe is on course to do just that.

In terms of trophies, Mbappe has already won the FIFA World Cup, silverware Messi and Ronaldo still might dream of lifting, and when it comes to goals, the Frenchman is even further ahead.

At 19 years old, Messi had scored just 25 club goals for FC Barcelona, while Ronaldo had struck just 17 times for Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United. Mbappe, on the other hand, has already hit the back of the net 52 times at club level.

He scored 10 of those goals in the UEFA Champions League, compared to Messi's two goals when he was a teenager, and Ronaldo's zero.

According to Marca, the forward is also further ahead of his counterparts in terms of goals at international level. While Messi had just four goals to his name at 19 and Ronaldo seven, Mbappe has already scored nine times for his country.

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It remains to be seen whether or not Mbappe will grow to become as consistent as Messi and Ronaldo over the course of his career, but he certainly seems to be on the right path.

Do you think Mbappe will reach the same heights Messi and Ronaldo have? Let us know in the comments section below. 


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chinyama Joined: 31 Aug 2016
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chinyama Sep 14, 2018 08:09 PM
@Pirates_999 but those cows won something
Ms Momo Joined: 26 May 2018
No badges available
Ms Momo Sep 14, 2018 07:55 PM
Gyz jelus aside dis topic of Messi vs ronaldo is closed luk at de stats dis shows dat real Madrid made ronaldo who he is he today
mshuzero Joined: 30 Aug 2012
No badges available
mshuzero Sep 14, 2018 04:41 PM
The only thing that will help him to achieve that is landing at Real Madrid!!!
Babewami Joined: 09 Dec 2016
No badges available
Babewami Sep 14, 2018 02:32 PM
Lets hope he keeps the momentum we praying for him, I love his footbal.
Default Joined: 21 Aug 2015
No badges available Sep 14, 2018 02:26 PM
He is ahead because the whole world is evolving, but will he stay ahead or consistent such as Messi and Ronalodo. To me consistency is key.
Default Joined: 14 Sep 2018
No badges available Sep 14, 2018 01:53 PM
you cannot mbappe with great lionel messi and ronaldo. if you will see what they can do with the ball at the age of 19 you will be shocked. their dribbling and skills were like magic. mbappe has not that much dribbling or skills he just have speed that messi and ronaldo had more at the age of 19 and if will say that messi and ronaldo could not win world cup at the age of 19, you should compare the team players. france was better than argentina and portugal. he cannot take at good as free kicks like messi and ronaldo if you will compare to them at their current age. thus, i only have to say you cannot compare mbappe with lionel messi and christiano ronaldo.
Breezy@1985 Joined: 25 Jul 2018
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Breezy@1985 Sep 14, 2018 01:35 PM
What is missing from the stats is Games played at 19 and the numbers of goals,you cant look at goals without games played,with that said Mbape is one Hell of a Talented Player,but he is more of a Thiery Henry type of a player.
Mr Moloto Joined: 25 May 2018
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Mr Moloto Sep 14, 2018 12:47 PM
He is without doubt the wonder kit. He is fast, skillful, football brains and most importantly he got eye for goals however Mbappe is totally different to your Messi and Ronaldo those two come from different planet interms of greatness they can do almost anything with the ball can play different positions and can score from any angle i still think they are the best in our generation and it'll take sometime before one can leapfrog them taking nothing away from Mbappe he can cut open any defence on the field assist or score but cannot be compared to Messi or Ronaldo.
Qhaf-Qhaf Joined: 20 Jul 2016
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Qhaf-Qhaf Sep 14, 2018 12:24 PM
@Editor your comparison is very biased son , you can't compare a 19 years old player with the 33 years old players . Why don't you also compare Mbappe with football greats like Maradonna and the Brazilian Pele as well
Ben_Stokes_101 Joined: 18 Jan 2016
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Ben_Stokes_101 Sep 14, 2018 11:32 AM
The Wonder Kid.... Keep on Growing Those Stats African Boy....
shadae Joined: 26 Aug 2014
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shadae Sep 14, 2018 11:26 AM
Lets see how he progress
Pirates_999 Joined: 08 Nov 2017
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Pirates_999 Sep 14, 2018 10:23 AM
Okay, we heard that. will he win 5 Ballon'D or, 5 UCL, Score 120 UCL goals or Lead Madrid or Barca for 9 years? the answer is No. France is full of cows
KK-kELLS Joined: 20 Mar 2018
No badges available
KK-kELLS Sep 14, 2018 10:11 AM
why can't the admin compare the leagues? they are different... MESSI OR RONALDO would be sitting on 800 official career goals had they played in FRANCE
nazzi the second Joined: 23 Oct 2017
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nazzi the second Sep 14, 2018 09:28 AM
Majoks Joined: 04 Nov 2015
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Majoks Sep 14, 2018 08:09 AM
Editor you cannot compare Laliga & EPL with League1 of France
Master25 Joined: 26 Nov 2014
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Master25 Sep 14, 2018 07:57 AM
Take nothing from the boy, but it will be interesting to see if he will be able to reach those levels for more than Ten years straight like the other two Masters of the game. He has to be an extra terrestrial human being in order to reach those levels of Messi and Ronaldo.
KING PELE Joined: 13 Jul 2018
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KING PELE Sep 14, 2018 07:38 AM
lets not forget that messi and cr7 played for barca &man u of which its difficult to get in to the starting eleven and according to stats they played in the to most difficult leagues.
King of Goat Joined: 18 Aug 2018
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King of Goat Sep 14, 2018 07:32 AM
Madoda lokwa mbappe ku strong kahle kahle now is the young goat
PROPHET OF DOOM Joined: 08 Jun 2018
No badges available
PROPHET OF DOOM Sep 14, 2018 04:46 AM
This b0y is f00tball himself.
Majola Mlu Joined: 10 Aug 2018
No badges available
Majola Mlu Sep 14, 2018 01:34 AM
Marvelous to watch this boy,& he is already ahead of his counterpart in soccer,he stand tall over 2 giants of football already, mmmh,if someone argue with that means,his mind is still dwell in past where some believed then that an African can't change the history of any event in the world,so Mbappe usubaqedile in a short space of time

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