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Details Of Ronaldo's Whopping Juve Deal Revealed?

Details Of Cristiano Ronaldo's Whopping Juventus Deal Revealed?

By David Kappel - Jul 11, 2018 11:31 AM @kappilinho

With Juventus having completed their club record transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo on Tuesday, here are the reported details of his whopping package with the Italian giants.

Click through the gallery above to see Real's most expensive sales ever.

The 33-year-old has joined the Bianconeri on a four-year contract, becoming both Real's record sale and the Italian side's most expensive buy in the process.

Juventus released a statement on their website saying they agreed to pay €100 million (R1.57 billion) over two financial years. In addition, they will also pay another €12 million (R188 million) solidarity contribution and additional costs, which is likely to include development fees to be paid to his two previous club Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United, as well as agent costs.

"Juventus Football Club S.p.A. announces that the agreement with Real Madrid Club De Futbol S.p.A. for the definitive acquisition of the registration rights of the player Dos Santos Aveiro Cristiano Ronaldo has been reached for a consideration of €100 million payable in two financial years, in addition to the solidarity contribution provided by FIFA regulations and additional costs of €12 million. Juventus and the player have signed a four-year contract of employment until 30 June 2022," the statement on the club's official website read.

According to The Guardian, the Italian side will pay Ronaldo an annual salary of €30 million (R470 million) over four years, and will have to pay the same amount in taxes.

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This takes the overall costs for Ronaldo's record deal to €352 million (R5.52 billion) – €100 million in transfer fees, plus €12 million in additional fees, €120 million (R1.89 billion) in salaries over four years and the same amount in taxes.

Do you think Ronaldo can lead Juventus to the UEFA Champions League title? Have your say in the comments section below.


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MR E Joined: 17 Apr 2012
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MR E Jul 15, 2018 06:00 AM
He's a hard worker, itching he might lead juve to the champions league final
ta more@mbekweni Joined: 05 Jun 2018
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ta more@mbekweni Jul 11, 2018 09:01 PM
Now Messi will have to dig his best games because there is no direct competition where he new domestically he was better than him Ronaldo new too his competition with Messi was demanding to his body losing la liga on the 1st round and having to rest fo some games before hitting his best performance now at juve he has no competition they will win serie A easy as always now he will motivate them for champions league then he will be clear candidate for ballon Dor because of domestic and continental Messi still has a competition Madrid will buy quality players so juventus is alone there all in all Ronaldo is a bully and barbaric he did at man United he goes for big teams
SiyaVToni Joined: 10 Oct 2010
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SiyaVToni Jul 11, 2018 04:55 PM
You deserve every cent King CR7
bongsMo Joined: 27 Dec 2011
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bongsMo Jul 11, 2018 03:15 PM
Mr Cowditor inform the bloggers that the most beneficial in this deal is Serie A and Old Lady. Juventus shares skyrocketed and the merchandise gone up and watch television viewers how much they will grow for the league. That's why Ronaldo is a King like it or not
Myaka weliPhefeni Joined: 14 Jul 2016
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Myaka weliPhefeni Jul 11, 2018 02:52 PM
Now i blv this move is true
RealManUchiefz Joined: 11 Jun 2017
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RealManUchiefz Jul 11, 2018 02:31 PM
He can if the supply is good he can deliver alot of goals they just need to defend well as they do
CECIL M Joined: 08 Jun 2017
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CECIL M Jul 11, 2018 01:09 PM
Mpho wa Cosmos Joined: 24 Mar 2018
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Mpho wa Cosmos Jul 11, 2018 12:09 PM
He has been stopping their dream of winning UEFA in recent years so now he will surely help them. they always have a great defence. now with great stars Dyabala and Aveiro aka CR7 plus Matuildi they will do more well
clemz7 Joined: 29 Dec 2013
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clemz7 Jul 11, 2018 11:52 AM

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