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Gallery: Barca Unveil New 2017/18 Away Kit

Gallery: FC Barcelona Unveil New 2017/18 Away Kit

By David Kappel - Jun 29, 2017 10:33 AM @kappilinho

Spanish giants FC Barcelona have unveiled their new light blue 2017/18 Nike away kit.

Click through the gallery above to see images of Barca's new 2017/18 away kit.

"The new FC Barcelona away kit has a palette of vivid blue and red with contemporary detailing inspired by the club's history and culture on the collar – partially defined by the Catalan flag, the Senyera," a statement on the club's official website read.

"A reminder of inner club pride, the inside of the shirt has the word 'Forca' on the inner right sleeve and 'Barca' on the left.

"The shirt's engineered knit zones, creating a subtle geometric pattern, enhance fit for the athlete in motion characterise the fit and feel.

"The sides of the kit feature a dark red or blue stripe on the left and right hand side respectively, running the length of the shirt, and blue shorts. Expanding when the player is in motion, the stripe maximises ventilation.

"Blue socks, incorporating Nike Grip technology, feature 'Barca' on the front in the contrasting darker blue shade, and a distinctive graphic on the back of the calf showcases the club's red accent colour and accentuates speed."

Gallery: Barca Unveil New 2017/18 Home Kit

This blue away kit follows the purple version from 2016/17 and the yellow away kit from two years before.

Click through the gallery above to see Barcelona's new away kit for next season, and let us know if you like it in the comments section below! 


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To those who does not know barce had a similar colour b4 during the times of r10 nd eto,deco nd co
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Man city colour
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So they just took a sky blue jersey, put Nike logo, Barca logo and sponsor and that's it? Spend R799 on this thing mxm. Nike can't design
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Barcelona is coping and pasting Manchester City Colours now
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loosing kit,juve hate those colours.
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Welcome to the home of football Ratuken.
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is very nice i like it
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Very beautiful
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No new home kit?
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Nice one Masesilona

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