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Maldini Enters Ronaldo/Messi Debate

Paolo Maldini Enters Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi Debate

By Kurt Buckerfield - Jun 28, 2018 08:00 PM @KurtLaduma

AC Milan and Italy legend Paolo Maldini has shared his opinion on who he thinks is the better footballer between Real Madrid talisman Cristiano Ronaldo and FC Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi.

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The LaLiga and Ballon d'Or rivals have been at the top of the game for more than 10 years, and are both considered among the greatest footballers in the history of the sport.

While some cannot choose between the players, many have a preference towards one or the other, and the legendary Maldini, who is widely thought of as one of the game's best defenders ever, is no different.

Although the 50-year-old had some kind words for Ronaldo recently, he also explained that he will always see Messi as the superior player.

"Cristiano has changed a lot in recent years, now he has become an unstoppable striker in the area," Maldini told Mediaset Italia.

"Despite his age, you still see him as young, in top form and decisive.

"But between Messi and Cristiano, I always choose Leo. The Argentine haggles, he creates, he has a style that I like a lot.

"If I had to choose, I would never have any doubt. He's (Messi) a player who achieves things that are hard to imagine."

Ronaldo and Messi are both representing their respective countries at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, in which the Portuguese has scored four goals so far, while the Argentine has hit the back of the net just once.

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While A Selecao will play Uruguay in the round of 16, Argentina will take on France, and if they both win, Portugal and Argentina will meet in the quarter-finals.

Which of the two legendary footballers do you prefer, and why? Let us know in the comments section below. 


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Cboo Joined: 30 Jun 2018
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Cboo Jun 30, 2018 07:34 PM
I don't diagree that Messi brings magic in the pitch, buh all we want is the product of the work. That's where Ronaldo is so good. In terms of all of that Ronaldo will always be the best.
RealManUchiefz Joined: 11 Jun 2017
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RealManUchiefz Jun 29, 2018 06:26 PM
Mxm boring debate over and over and the groupies always jump to it
Faysal Joined: 14 Feb 2011
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Faysal Jun 29, 2018 03:39 PM
Well said legend
mfanan Joined: 10 Aug 2016
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mfanan Jun 29, 2018 03:02 PM
Ronaldo will never be greater than this lil man,Messi is football
Josedecarvalho Joined: 29 Jun 2018
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Josedecarvalho Jun 29, 2018 02:54 PM
Ronaldo has proved to be the better striker in the world for the last half a dozen years...Portuguese passion!
NtsetG Joined: 16 Nov 2017
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NtsetG Jun 29, 2018 10:52 AM
should Portugal and Argentina progress to q-final,,,I can assure you Messi will be a defender that day,,because CR7 will score HAT-TRICK again and Messi knows that
Flipping lyf Joined: 21 Apr 2017
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Flipping lyf Jun 29, 2018 09:46 AM
There only one player can be at his best always with different player's around the world and than man does'nt need opinion to be called the best he do the talking on pitch his name is cristiano ''Record'' Ronaldo
Ms Momo Joined: 26 May 2018
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Ms Momo Jun 29, 2018 09:43 AM
Pks i agree with u 100% ronaldo cannot win man of de match without scoring a goal Messi can win player of de season without being a top scorer
Pks Joined: 15 Feb 2010
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Pks Jun 29, 2018 08:16 AM
@nick#10:I fully agree with you on the two players.Ronaldo is a top top top striker and he must be compared to the likes of Harry Kane,Suarez and Lukaku while Messi is in different level.Indeed Ronaldo can not win man of the match without scoring while Messi can be awarded for his creativity and magic.I even gave example of choosing player of the season and top goal scorer of the season.
bongani.king Joined: 21 Feb 2015
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bongani.king Jun 29, 2018 08:04 AM
"he has a style that I like a lot." So Cr7 has a style that I like
MrTripleL Joined: 08 Feb 2014
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MrTripleL Jun 29, 2018 07:17 AM
LOL OMG who do you think you are to disagree with the Italy Legend ? Atleast if you can Tell me where you play soccer maybe I will understand. Maldini was asked to choose between two.Hold your horses
Munangwangwa Joined: 25 Nov 2017
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Munangwangwa Jun 29, 2018 06:54 AM
Cow ndini... I consider cr7 as the greatest player ever... don't care who says what.
MR E Joined: 17 Apr 2012
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MR E Jun 29, 2018 04:36 AM
Messi is the beast why not
The Lecturer Joined: 05 May 2017
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The Lecturer Jun 29, 2018 12:31 AM
No doubt about that !
Nick#10 Joined: 08 Dec 2016
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Nick#10 Jun 28, 2018 08:57 PM
Dis depate is useless how can u compare a Striker to an all rounder.i have never seen CP7 wining a man of the match without scoring maybe when he was still playing for Man U.Penaldo is a top striker above all strikers but not the best player above Messi with all due respect those who disagree don't know football or have never played it

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