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What Really Happened In Manchester Derby Dressing Room Bust-Up Revealed?

What Really Happened In Manchester Derby Dressing Room Bust-Up Revealed?

By Kurt Buckerfield - Dec 12, 2017 01:26 PM @KurtLaduma

It was reported that Jose Mourinho was involved in a big dressing room clash with Manchester City players on Sunday evening, but here is reportedly what really happened.

Reports: Mourinho In Dressing Room Bust-Up With Man City Keeper

The Daily Mail recently claimed that up to 20 members of staff and players were involved in a changing room scuffle after City's 2-1 win on Sunday, during which Manchester United's manager was believed to have had a milk carton thrown at him.

It was also said that police officers and stewards were called in to help defuse the situation, but another account of what happened has now been revealed.

According to the BBC, the milk carton did not actually hit the Portuguese boss, after he responded to what he thought was over-the-top celebrations from City.

It is believed that the incident did not last longer than two minutes, with Mourinho reportedly going into the referees' dressing room and then to do his post-match interview after the event.

The report also claimed that the City and United players were all engaging normally after they had got dressed following the incident.

The publication suggested that although there was definitely something that happened, it was perhaps not as bad as it was first made out to be.

Pep Responds To Mourinho's 'Diving' Claims

City's win on Sunday took them 11 points clear of United at the top of the EPL table.

Do you think City can still be caught in the title race? Let us know in the comments section below. 


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