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Van Dijk Among Liverpool's Top 10 Highest Paid Players

Virgil Van Dijk Among Liverpool's Top 10 Highest Paid Players

By Kurt Buckerfield - Dec 28, 2017 12:55 PM @KurtLaduma

New Liverpool signing Virgil van Dijk is considered by many to be one of the best defenders in the Premier League, but does his new weekly wage reflect that? Here are the 10 highest paid stars at the Reds following their big-money capture!

Tired of reading? Click through the gallery above to see the 10 best paid players at Liverpool, according to the Daily Star!

The Dutchman's £75 million (R1.2 billion) transfer from Southampton to Liverpool took many by surprise, especially after the Merseyside club's failure to sign him at the beginning of the season.

It is believed that Van Dijk has already become one of the highest paid players at the club, where he will reportedly earn £180 000 (R2.97 million) a week.

Only Brazilian playmaker Philippe Coutinho is said to earn more with his weekly wage of £200 000 (R3.29 million).

James Milner, Mohamed Salah, Daniel Sturridge and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are all believed to be on £120 000 (R1.97 million) a week at Anfield.

Liverpool Agree £75m Deal For Premier League Star

Captain Jordan Henderson and striker Roberto Firmino are said to be on £100 000 (R1.64 million) a week each, while both Georginio Wijnaldum and Sadio Mane reportedly earn £90 000 (R1.48 million) weekly.

Do you think Van Dijk deserves his reported new wage? Let us know in the comments section below. 


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murefu Joined: 12 Jul 2017
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murefu Jan 16, 2018 08:50 AM
a week not per month.....but mane should get 2000
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Big[®]sykes Jan 02, 2018 04:58 PM
90 000×4=£360k £360k×18=R6.480m a month R6.480m×12=R77.760m a year less tax Still a lot of money, now i know emmanuel eboue wasnt eanrning this much but at that time the rand/pound exchange was like R22, what did he do to that so much money for him to be living on the streets now?
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Matayitayi Dec 30, 2017 08:34 AM
Liverpool is getting there
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I personally don't care

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