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Giggs: Man Utd Should Never Have Sold These Three Players!

Ryan Giggs: Manchester United Should Never Have Sold These Three Players!

By Kurt Buckerfield - Dec 22, 2017 04:05 PM @KurtLaduma

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs has revealed which three players he believes the club should never have sold.

Tired of reading? Click through the gallery to see the three players Giggs feels should have never United!

The former United player and assistant manager feels that Danny Welbeck, Rafael da Silva and Jonny Evans should never have been let go by ex-boss Louis van Gaal, as they were players who were born to play for the club.

"There have been a lot who have come through that haven’t been United players and also players who were United players and shouldn’t have left," said Giggs, speaking to The Times.

"I’m talking about Rafael, Welbeck, Jonny Evans — players who are United through and through.

"It was hard because Louis had his own ideas and you had to respect that, but, yes, we had a few arguments about a couple of them.

"He understood (my position) because I had played with those lads, but they just weren’t for him.

"Some of them, like Welbeck, wanted to play more regularly, and Jonny had a few injuries at the time, so you could understand it, but — and it’s not saying it in hindsight — recruitment hasn’t been great either."

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But you friend next to you did sell them actually he destroyed the team
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he is right van gaal tried to kill united.
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Absolutely yes more especially Danny Welbeck
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not jus 3 of them... Nani Van persie Chicharito all these players were sold prematurely.

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