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Man Utd's 12 Highest Paid Players

Manchester United’s 12 Highest Paid Players

By Kurt Buckerfield - Sep 14, 2017 07:09 PM @KurtLaduma

Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United have made a great start to the 2017/18 season, and here are the club’s 12 highest paid players!

Tired of reading? Click through the gallery above to see the 12 highest paid stars at United, according to the Daily Star.

Soccer Laduma looked at United’s highest earners in July, but with the arrival of Nemanja Matic and Zlatan Ibrahimovic signing a new deal at the Red Devils, the order has changed.

Paul Pogba is still believed to be the club’s highest paid player on £290 000 (R4.9 million) a week, followed by former Everton striker Romelu Lukaku, who according to the publication, earns £250 000 (R4.2 million) weekly.

David De Gea, on £200 000 (R3.4 million) a week, is still reportedly the third highest paid at United, while Ibrahimovic follows in fourth spot. The towering Swede is said to be earning £180 000 (R3 million) a week at United, according to The Sun.

New signing Matic has reportedly joined Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Juan Mata on £140 000 (R2.3 million) a week at United, followed by Victor Lindelof on £120 000 (R2 million) a week, and Ashley Young on £110 000 (R1.8 million) a week.

Mourinho Slams Man Utd Despite UCL Win

Jesse Lingard is said to be earning £100 000 (R1.7 million) a week, while both Antonio Valencia and Chris Smalling are believed to be on £80 000 (R1.3 million) a week.

Are you surprised by the order or amounts on this list? Let us know in the comments section below.


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matome910 Joined: 03 Aug 2011
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matome910 Sep 18, 2017 07:52 AM
there is money in the EPL yoooo!
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I Gott Tha Keycc Sep 15, 2017 11:12 PM
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we need facts not rumours cowditor
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Majoks Sep 15, 2017 05:31 PM
It's nice to see blacks leading the list
The_Fakesmile Joined: 22 Sep 2012
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The_Fakesmile Sep 15, 2017 12:03 PM
I thought Ashley Young took a pay cut on his new deal
ayandamanando Joined: 20 Apr 2013
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ayandamanando Sep 15, 2017 11:41 AM
While is South Africa we still paying players 5000 tjo kudlalwa ngabantu
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Pointorder Sep 14, 2017 11:05 PM
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Myaka weliPhefeni Sep 14, 2017 10:15 PM
So many tyms i read abt players salary on this site bt i dont blv this bcz every tym they feed us so many lies
Xolisa{khosificated} Joined: 28 Mar 2017
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Xolisa{khosificated} Sep 14, 2017 10:08 PM
I only c inconsistency in these figures.
Letona la Moletjie Joined: 17 Sep 2016
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Letona la Moletjie Sep 14, 2017 09:57 PM
How much is Rashford ggetting
matswakatswaka Joined: 11 Aug 2010
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matswakatswaka Sep 14, 2017 09:53 PM
Antonio Valencia is being robbed if that figure is correct.
Sbulabops01 Joined: 19 Aug 2013
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Sbulabops01 Sep 14, 2017 09:47 PM
They must win trophies then
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So Bailly is not there mxm
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What abt Rushford?

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