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African League Suspended After Ref Attacked By Players

African League Suspended After Referee Attacked By Players

By David Kappel - May 03, 2018 11:32 AM @kappilinho

While crowd trouble has made the headlines in South Africa recently, an African top flight league had to be suspended after players attacked a match official and one of their coaches punched the referee.

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The sad scenes happened in Ethiopia’s Premier League in a match between the military team Defence and Welwalo Adigrat University, as reported by BBC.

The game was drawn at 1-1 when the referee ruled that an attempt by Defence had crossed the line.

The upset opposition players subsequently chased the match official, who was trying to defend himself with the corner flag and was eventually punched to the ground by one of Adigrat’s coaches.

It’s not the first time that violence overshadowed an Ethiopian game and the country’s Football Federation has since suspended all games in the league, while the punch-throwing coach has been fired.

The below video by state broadcaster ETV shows the shocking scenes in full.

The Ethiopian Football Federation will meet with officials of the 16 teams on Thursday to discuss a solution to the recurring problem.

Do you think associations and clubs should to more to fight violence in football? Have your say in the comments section below.


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Hlaysn May 03, 2018 04:18 PM
Friends of Chips n Rats!
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Victor Gomes needs to see this article
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That was not only hooliganism but barbaric as well.The players needs to be charged with attempted murder!!!
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Referees are also human but sometimes you feel like punching them can’t even understand how they miss such crucial desicisons
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Yah sometimes you'll fell like punching the reff
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sometime the ref ash

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