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5b4c72436119e Sejosengoe walter itumeleng
Jun 19, 2018 05:02 PM

what safa can learn from germany and brazil fa's!

It has been shame and an embarassing period for south african football association since from 2010 worl cup as hosts up to russia 2018.everyone now can see that our football has taken a backward step.

One can easily conclude that bafana-bafana can only qualify for the world cup or afcon as hosts.even our federetion still lack credible and capable leadership.our players lack hunger and desire to compete at the world biggest stage.

The last time we had a well respected national team was back in the 1990's and early 2000' molifi oliphant was the safa president back then.

Here is how our own safa leadership can learn from germany and brazil fa's.eatlist all nine provinces of the country must have safa football academies.and these academies must be of a higher level and be competitive.

During the fifa world cup finals in korea and japan back in 2002.both germany and brazil were the finalists and the celecao won the finals.they kept on producing top quality players that went and are playing for big european clubs.from berbeto to neymar generetion,brazil either play finals or semi-finals of the world cup.

From oliver khan to manuel nuer generetion,germany have played finals and semi-finals until they won their fourth world cup throphy in maracana (brazil) back in 2014.

Both these two nations from south america and europe respective are current favourates to walk away with another world cup tittle that is underway in russia 2018.

our players can learn nation pride and patriotism from these two footballing nations.also us as a nation,if we want to be considered one of the african greatest footballing nation,we should adopt what both brazil and germany fa's are doing to produce quality and international footballers for their national teams.

We still have a long to go interms of football and competing among the best in the world as a nation.our players need to treat their careers as professions.we need to stop celebreting mediocrity as now our psl golden boot winners cannot even score 20 goals the entire season.our players must learn comitment whenever they are wearing a national team jersey.

We should adopt brazil and germany football success and rediscover school football tournaments for both young boys and young girls.

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