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Aug 08, 2018 11:47 AM

what do u expect?

following their defeat last night,we 've been hearing cries and screams of excruciating pain from the loud mouthed chiefs fans the whole night,chiefs is a home for expired madalas &fre agents.they are not about the best quality money can buy and their only ambition is to avoid relegation and finish in the top 4.they do not invest their money on buying the best african quality to compete for major u think u can win psl or caf with fre agents & NFD material players and an administrator lik bobby.ask him & he'll tell u that this is a 'family business'and not a democracy where every opinion please stop crying and accept that this is bobby's team if you dont like how he runs things then not even kaizer motaung can do anything as he's already given bobby his inheritan ce.this the reality you have no option but

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