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Oct 12, 2017 09:43 PM

They will be no Robben,Bale,Sanchez&Demsey at Russia 2018 world cup.

Iam saying Netherland is one of those team that have done well in the previous world cups finishing last eight,four or even last two.I mean the Dutch is one of the good teams that has done well in the world cup but fall short to clinch the world cup and now we will never seen a legend such as Ajen Robben as a player in the Netherland have one of the greatest player in Greath Bale but he will be watching like me in Russia next year. Maybe we can blame his injury. As for Chile Alexer Sanchez,he is the engine in that Chile team and Arsenal. The guy he is just too good but born in the wrong Country. USA is just those teams that is a must seen in the world cup and now I just fell sorry for Demsey. What iam trying to say is the level of soccer it has grown in the world and in time we will see an African team winning the world cup.

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