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5b4c72436119e Sejosengoe walter itumeleng
Feb 17, 2018 12:48 PM

there's more need for grassroots football development in south africa!

with the south african football association elections getting closer and closer.many football fans around the country are anticipating a new hope interms of development specialy at grassroots level.

It's high time now that action is much needed as time of promises and talk has long gone.there's so much talent around the country not only in playing personel.but also coaching and refreering talent is beyond imagination in this beautifull country specialy in rural areas.

We are a country promising of many opportunities from government perspective.that's exactly what our government need to improve now by investing a lot of money into football.

Talent is beyond imagination in our most deep rural areas of south africa.only if our football federetion,buissness sector and other stake holders can join in one hand like patrice motsepe did for the abc motsepe league and kay motsepe school tournaments.

this can also be very helpfull for bafana-bafana.these boys and girls,men and women are the future of south african football.without any doubt,football is the bright future of this beautifull country.

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Zanokuhle Mar 08, 2018 01:20 AM
Its painfully to see a young footballer not able to control or be creative with the ball

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