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5a2a67cd0a6cb Sejosengoe walter itumeleng
Mar 08, 2018 12:06 PM

the introduction of the mdc shield cup is a new dawn!

When you talk of the multichoice,you're talking about future,you're about life and new hope.on the 5th of march,indeed a big object from the sky have fallen down to south african football fratenity in a very positive way.

The multichoice were public announcing and introducing a regional cup tournament for the reserve league on monday afternoon.that was the launch of the mdc shield cup that is going to take's place on april 2018.the mdc is getting even more bigger and better as the time go.

The good news are that all psl clubs now are starting to take the reserve league serious.they are preparing and reinforcing their development side in a very proffessional manner than back in 2014 when the league was incepted.they use to play their old fringe players back then.

Football unite people,it is playing a huge role as an economic booster in south africa.with this great initiative by multichoice to take a proffessional football into our townships people's door steps.this's show growth and a great future for our football across the country.

This's promising to be a successfull cup competition will be played regional and the winners of each regions will come against each other in semi will be great to see passion,enthusiasm and happiness in the name of sport in a country that is facing so many challenges in their young democracy like south africa facing now.

The next challenge for the psl executive is to make our premier league a 20 clubs league.maybe we can see provinces like the nothern cape having a psl outfit for the first time.

Overall,the future keeps on looking more brighter with the multichoice behind our beautifull game.hopefully our youngersters can embrace this opportunity so that the sponsors can keep on coming to invest in football.

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