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Dec 07, 2017 11:02 AM

The great coincidence: Man United and Chiefs system of play

Is this coincident or what, the similarities between Man United and Chiefs system of playing football. Man United uses Valencia and Young as their full back and at the centre they deploy three towers, which is the same system Steve uses at Chiefs. The defensive formulation that requires quality players that concentrate for the entire ninety minutes, but Steve decide to use the same system with average players. Joseph and Zulu will never match the quality of Valencia and Young, Ngezana and Cardoso will never be better that the out of form mathoho.

Steve does not trust his thinking capacity and intelligence which is why he always copies European systems, not so long steve was using Pep formation today he uses Jose, why can't Steve plan around the players he has rather than copying from others. This coincidence is killing the team, the lack of defined way of playing is the cause of all this problems. the philosophy of the coach is non-existent, he relies on cut and paste, without understanding the contents.

the chairman's patience is being tested at the expense of the fans who pays huge amount of money travel fro Limpopo to Durban to watch the team that does not change. Five games with a win but the same starting eleven, where is logic here, Parker has been failing but Paez and Zuma keep on being of the bench. The coach is a great hypocrite here, his favouritism is hurting the team.

Why Steve does not trust other players. Malope, Zuma, Paez, Eksteen, Jayiya can help Steve win games only if he trust them

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