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Jul 15, 2017 09:49 PM

Quick & Same-Day Abortion-Safe & Pain-Free +27 786 791 037 Kwaggafontein Delmas Ekangala
Call| WhatsApp: +27 786 791 037
A Medical Abortion is a term used to end a Pregnancy with the help of approved Medical Abortion Pills without any complication provided it is performed by a health professional. There will be a series of Abortion Pills to be used in order to end the Pregnancy especially from 4 -20 weeks in special cases from the first day of the last period.
Our Medical Abortion Procedure is a same day service which takes less than an hour from the time you walk into any of our Abortion Centers. On your first visit to the clinic, the doctor & and available nurse on duty will discuss the available Abortion options with you and also have some Pregnancy tests done to make sure how many months you are.
Counseling will be provided should you have any doubts or questions about the medical Abortion and Post- Abortion support is as well given to all our clients should you require further support after having a Medical Abortion.
Follow-Up Appointments
Follow up appointments after an Abortion are recommend an ideal opportunity to have a general check up and also resolve any personal questions you may have about the Abortion pills you used. DELIVERIES ARE MADE IN BOTSWANA, NAMIBIA, SWAZILAND AND LESOTHO CALL NOW FOR HELP………..
Call|WhatsApp: +27 786 791 037

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