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Jul 14, 2017 01:07 PM

Does a team outcome get determined by one player or otherwise

Recent weeks have seen most Premier League soccer teams scrambling into the market for players in preparation for next season games and there has been a lot of suggestions about particular players that must be in certain teams in order for those very teams to achieve their set objectives but does one player, however good they maybe, decide the outcome of games.

Sure Lebo Manyama is a joy to watch at the moment and has already outdone himself , particularly this season with Capetown Fc, but can his omission from a Kaizer Chief probable transfer list be a factor that may cause Amakhosi to miss silverware again this season.Can the loss in interest by Pisto to reinforce his midfield with the possible addition of Phakamani Mahlambi instigate yet another "so near but not close enough" kind of season for Sundowns. Single players have in the past shown that their presence or absence can and will change the completion of the game, yet can it be then conclusive that their availability is more of a must rather than a maybe when it comes to getting the results.

And so the big question is, can a big name player certify the outcome of games or rather a team effort is more vital than individual enterprise.


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Ronsco Jul 14, 2017 03:36 PM
@Noah Emmanuel Sibindi - thanks for the response but why then do you get so many supporters insisting on a certain player to be signed as if his presence will determine the sole outcome of the league, i completely agree with you that soccer is a team sport, however also , individual brilliance can be a factor - what do you think?
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Noah Emmanuel Sibindi Jul 14, 2017 03:11 PM
Thats a big Nope from because there more 11 players on the field and all of them play with their hearts to win the the game and with all supporting each the team move forward and with the good supply of the ball to the strikers that make them shine because they are the ones who are being watched upfront to provide more goals for the team. NOT SAYING OTHER PLAYERS CANT SCORE.

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