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Default Real Madrid - Jul 16, 2017 10:00 AM
By Los Blanco


How Much Does It Cost To Rent The Yacht Ronaldo Is On?

Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is one of many footballers who enjoys spending their time on a private yacht during his holidays, but how much do you think it costs to rent such a vessel?

Eager to pictures of his yacht? Browse the gallery above!

The Portuguese star saw the boat he is using make headlines this week, as Spain’s customs department decided to do a routine check on it. Many thought that the raid had something to do with his tax fraud case, but it was confirmed that it was just a routine check.

The yacht Ronaldo is using is called Aya London, and it is owned by the company “Yacht Charter Fleet”. The yacht has a three-man crew, with three cabins and can accommodate up to six guests.

It is said that the former Manchester United star is paying around €45 000-per-week (R677 000)  to hire it!

What do you think of the yacht? 

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Ngcebo Jele Joined: 17 Jul 2017
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Ngcebo Jele Jul 17, 2017 02:31 PM
Ngomzy Joined: 22 Sep 2013
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Ngomzy Jul 17, 2017 07:55 AM
if u was a bro in Islam i cud advice you to spend your money by building some mosque it will helps one day wen u r no more
robert m Joined: 07 Jul 2017
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robert m Jul 17, 2017 06:33 AM
@djflasheero messi's cars can cost 45 000,really man,are u sure about that
Babewami Joined: 09 Dec 2016
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Babewami Jul 16, 2017 09:23 PM
WT_Mashigo Joined: 17 Jun 2014
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WT_Mashigo Jul 16, 2017 03:02 PM
Spain’s customs department decided to do a routine check on it, he he heeeee Spain mandoda.
djflasheero Joined: 15 Feb 2010
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djflasheero Jul 16, 2017 03:01 PM
That means he can buy messi cars evry week moos
Dr-barnes Joined: 15 Apr 2014
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Dr-barnes Jul 16, 2017 03:00 PM
Gizaretti_legendary Joined: 29 Oct 2013
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Gizaretti_legendary Jul 16, 2017 10:45 AM
But I do not see Penaldo on this Yacht. Or anything by the name of Yacht is associated with Penaldo since he's been going to Morocco every weekend to spend time with his Kickboxer boyfriend?

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