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Default Manchester United - Nov 14, 2017 03:00 PM
By Red Devil


Evra Uses Superhuman Strength To Pull A Jeep

The more adversity you face, the stronger you get? That seems to be true in Patrice Evra's case. Did you see the footage of him pulling a jeep?

Evra is currently in what appears to be the eye of the storm with regards to the incident where he kicked one of his own club's fans ahead of a match – the Frenchman has since been banned from competitive football for the rest of the season.

Marseille, the club in question, have also announced that they will be moving forward without the former Manchester United defender, but did emphasise that they and the player had come to this decision mutually.

Evra appears to not be letting this situation get the best of him, though. In fact, the 36-year-old recently uploaded a video of himself demonstrating some Superman-like strength as he pulled a jeep with a man sitting on it.

Take a look!

The star captioned the video by saying: "I just feel blessed happy #monday don't be lazy why you have to worry when you got the support and the strength from soo many human beings thank you soo much Keep smiling only positive energy on Patrice Instagram I love this game hahahaahah special thanks @coachmeddydubai and Spielberg aka @nicolasanelka_official #ilovethisgame#positivevibes #love @beapandaofficial#motivation #future #car."

Fans of the left back will be happy to see that he is not letting the controversy get him down, and that he is staying fit and positive.

What's your take on the Evra situation?

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