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Default mpisekhaya mtshiselwa
Aug 10, 2017 05:24 PM


why all the time we cant get a support to our officials and they cant see it about those who want to rule football in south africa are those people who put presure on us remember soccer is a huge business to our life as we play on the field but some some people they declined our profile to previous teams according to a regurlations in law to a board we they about the matters the player they have which step they take to those players who get loss to play who are not updated by everything to any informations they can get also to any one who can show them what they can take to solve the their problems i,m the one and only who have great pain about my career who believe that it can a similar duty again for those players who set home as they left their thins to previous teams the can improve their self to the life they leave to repeat again to make their country to be proud standard of living,enviroment nature the people they will knowing themself in their life we will make challeges making passion to entertain every body who going to support us i will ensure myself that i got to forget for anything to look forward it will be future to maintain everything to life because i dont want to pull myself out to a industry of football because is the huge business to beyond on it success to victory to be something to the officials after i retir to play support officials stop to cause chaos and racism the more you left us at the back the more they get advantage to their mission they get strong all the time because you support them SAFA instant to help us although you say you avoid corruption to your business they are already get in to Board they took decision themself you allow them above mentioned those who presurelise who make us to be unknown player who took every thing we work.mpisekhaya mtshiselwa

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